A fair story (intro)

About a King and his Son
Their kingdom
And children in distress

If you’ve heard the gospel, the story about Jesus Christ the Son of God saving mankind, you might have noticed the many similarities with the many fairy tales and myths mankind has had over the centuries.
There’s a battle between right and wrong.
Light and darkness.
There’s a savior, a hero.
There’s a “lady” in distress, conveying the great love and passion the hero has for those he saves.
And there’s a good ending, that is if you’re on the right side of light.
And there’s lots of supernatural elements.
Hunderds and some thousands years old predictions being fulfilled during the lifetime of one man.
God incarnate.
A supernatural conception of a virgin.
People miraculously being healed and raised from the death.
Food multiplied and people walking on water.
Storms being rebuked and silenced in an instant.
People being delivered from demons.
The appearance of angels.
And yes there’s a dragon too…

But most wonderful of all: A God that loves his creation and was willing to become part of it in order to save it from it’s own rebellion against him and all the terrible consequences this led to.
Most of all it’s a story of great love that’s willing to go any length necessary to reach those in great danger. Danger of eternal darkness and life seperate from God, the One that gives us life.

For you the fairy-tale-likeness may be proof that it’s just another story.
For me and those who take a closer look and open their hearts to another reality we might have never known, it shows that our Creator has been speaking to us all along.
Through stories that may not convey “The Story” perfectly, yet show it’s innate truth nonetheless.
Now this just may seem all too far fetched and impossible to you but keep in mind that if God made us and the whole universe, then really He can easily overturn natural laws and appear any way He wants to.

I wrote it down for you in the form of a story. Because that’s what it is after all.
God’s story. And that of mankind.
It’s still a bit raw here and there (welcome to my writing process) and I intend to polish it up and describe the truths behind it and put in all together in a book.
For now it’s yours to read.
I’ll post it in small pieces a time over the next weeks.
May it bless you!

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A fair story (1)

Long (or was it short?) before the existence of time as we know it, a King had a Son.
This King was very wealthy, and famous among all his realms.
He was the most powerful and most generous Ruler anyone could ever wish for or even think of.
A king like this is unheard of in many of the places we now live.
In an area called earth.
But this King’s kingdom stretched far wider than any area we know.
Earth was certainly part of his domain, but it went way beyond it’s boundaries we are so familiar with.
Realms and spaces we have not known.
Atmospheres that would be most strange to us.
Creatures inhabiting it we would be afraid of or just look at with awe and wonder.
All of this was an expression of the King’s own character and nature.
All his realms and it’s inhabitants were in fact made by the King himself.
They came forth from the essence of his Being.
An essence that was pure love.

Not the kind of love we have experienced.
No this love had no ounce of self centeredness in it.
Not one little part was stained with the selfish fear of not having our own needs met.
Thereby diluting the purity of our best intentions.
Watering down our strongest affections.
No matter how strong and sincere they seem to us.
Yet always infected.
With a sense of our own needs and desperate desires.
Not fuly giving to others without abandoning.
Always expecting something back.
Even as little as a small thank you or act of appreciation.
Never loving selflessly without the slightest concern of self.

No this King was different.
Never loving with an agenda.
Never expecting anything in return.
Never giving with any strings attached.
Never becoming bitter and grudgy when his gifts of love and kindness were not returned like we do.

Oh don’t get me wrong he loves to receive expressions of thankfulness.
A show of appreciation.
A song of joy or a dance of delight in response to the display of his affections towards us.
But he never demands it.
Yet he always looks forward to them.
Expectantly waiting if we give him a response.

But not the way we do when giving.
Not to get his own needs met.
Like he even has a need that needs to be met by us!
No his desiring for a return of his affections is out of pure joy.
A longing to see our hearts lifted and filled with song through his many gifts of kindness that go past any of our best and loyal giving.
A desire for us to be filled with unending pleasures.
A delight that never ceases.

Oh how he loves to see such a response.
But never ever he demands or expects it out of some selfish need of his own.
His needs are all met in himself.
His very being contains all that gives him life and joy.
Everything that sustains him he has inside.
No source of his strenght is outside in some other being.

How can it?
Since he is the one that made it all.
If he needed anything from us he would not be God.
He would not be King.
And so there is this comfortable peace in all the kingdom.
All that dwell there and choose to belief in the goodness of the King.
They never have to provide for any of his needs.
All they are expected to do is to receive the many blessings he so generously bestows on them!

To be continued…

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A fair story (2)

And oh how many are his affections.
More numerous than anyone can count.
The King’s thoughts of benevolence towards his realm’s inhabitants are endless.
He never ceases to stop thinking about ways to bless them tremendously.
Always wanting to increase their joy and well-being.
Never content with the gifts he already bestowed on them.
Looking for more to give again and again.
It’s his greatest delight.
His joy seems to come from giving.
And oh what joy he has!

Did I tell you already he’s the most joyest happiest ruler ever?
Nothing can take his happiness away.
Not even the rebellion of the so treasured inhabitants of his kingdom.
Though it’s true they give him joy, it’s not the joy that’s the source of his happiness.
So they can never disappoint him.
They can never let him down.
They can’t make him sad or depressed.
Truly nothing can take his joy away.

Never is he discouraged by the lack of response of some inhabitants, that don’t quite have a correct view of his generous and kind nature yet.
All his happiness is found in the relationship with his Son.
Who is a part of his very own being.
Out of the love they have for each other a never ending flow of affections permeates the whole kingdom.
Reaching the remotest parts.
No inhabitant is forgotten or left out.

From the most faithful servants to the most indifferent creatures, that want nothing to do with their King.
He bestowes goodness on them all in similar matter.  
Not placing one of them above the other in esteem.
All are lavished with kindness.
All receive his loving attention.
All are in the gaze of his eyes.

Always looking for those that are willing to receive his gifts.
Which cannot be earned but which he so longingly wants to give.

To be continued…

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A fair story (3)

And he did it all together with his beloved Son.
The King was so thrilled with him.
He truly was the fruit of love’s expression.
The desire of his heart.
A dream come true.

His name was Prince.
The King determined he would do everything in his kingom through him.
Nothing would be done apart from the son’s approval.
If the son loved it, he would go through with it.
If he didn’t, he wouldn’t pursue it.
Now of course Prince loved everything his father proposed.
Because he was just like him in nature.
Their character was the same.
The only difference was that they had different roles.
But their kindness and their affections were alike.

Now Prince was the King’s only son.
The King loved him dearly.
He would do everything for him, and give him his heart’s desires.
Many times they spend together, strolling through the kingdom.
Enjoying all it’s beauty and magnificent creatures.
They had more servants than any kingdom we know.
All serving them gladly.
Not one holding a grudge against them.
Even the lowest one was held in great esteem and treated with great love and respect.
Everyone in this kingdom was joyful fulfilling their duties with dance and song.

They had many extravagant feasts, satisfying themselves with all the good the kingdom offered.
Of course always honoring the King and his Son Prince, who were the guests of honor on every single occasion.
Oh how they loved feasting with the inhabitants.
Not once witholding any of their own riches with them.
Sharing the palace’s treasures generously and which such joy and delight.

It seemed their sole desire and purpose was to make everyone happy.
As is the aim of every good king.
And oh they were good.
No place in the kingdom was unknown to the goodness of the King and his Son.
Everyone loved living there.

To be continued…

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A fair story (4)

Until the unthinkable happened.
You see everyone in the kingdom had a task.
From the lowest to the greatest.
And even the lowest was a job of honor.
No one looked down on their duties.
Serving such a great King and his Son was more than anyone could ever wish for.
And yet there was one servant that became ungrateful.

As a matter of fact he was the highest autority in all of the kingdom below the King himself and his Son Prince.
He was endowed with more beauty and privileges than anyone else.
Apart from Prince of course.
And yet it was this very fact that made him ungrateful.
You see the King had just given him a promotion.
A task more beautiful than anyone else’s.
With more subjects under his rule than all the others.
The King had entrusted him with this in full faith in his ability to perform it well.
He was to build a city with more splendor than anything else in the kingdom.
And that became his downfall.

Oh not the task itself.
He started out with great delight and diligence, thankful that such an honor was bestowed on him.
But then it happened.
Slowly, without realising it, he lost sight of the King and his Son that had so generously given him this great honor.
He forgot meeting them after each shift. To enjoy their company.
He was so enthralled with his task and the autority that accompanied it, after all he became the overseer of many, that he forgot who had given him this privilege.
Soon he started to have unthinkable thoughts.
Thoughts about a kingdom.
His very own!

To be continued…

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A fair story (5)

Oh what a thrill that would be.
Or so he thought.
No one would be above him.
No King with his Son.
He would be the one on the throne.
Making all the decisions, but most of all, receiving all the praise.
Everyone would bow for him.
Yes, for HIM, the Lightbearer.
That was his name.
And he would tell the King and his Son Prince what to do instead of the other way around.
Oh he couldn’t wait for it to happen.
What a delight that would be.
If only he was God.

And that became his fall.
He started out so well.
The King had never witheld anything good from him.
Rather he had given him access to almost every place in the kingdom.
No beauty or privilege or gift was held back from Lightbearer.
He truly was a light that shone brightly among all the inhabitants.
A display of the generous kindness of the King and his Son Prince.
But how he would have loved to take their place.
So he decided to tell them frankly.

Why were they king, and he was not?
Now what could they answer?
The King’s heart broke for his beloved Lightbearer.
The one that brought the kingdom so much of his own joy and delight.
He was the leader on many celebrations.
Livening them up with the most exhilarating music.
Bringing everyone to dance.
Rejoicing in the goodness of the King and his Son.
But all that had come to an end.
His partying, meant to honor the King, became more and more about himself.
Showing of his extravagant beauty.
Beauty that had never been his own.
Rather it was bestowed on him.
Oh the King had not held anything back.
But…it still came all from him.

To be continued…

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A fair story (6)

Lightbearer did not realise his source.
So focused on the gift, he was forgetting the giver.
His mind was blinded by his own pride.
He had neglected his relationship with them.
And because of that he started to forget.
Where it all came from.
His thoughts rising to places they should never go.
Imaging what it would be like.
To have more and more and more power.
Like he didn’t have enough.
He wanted to be King.

But don’t you see?
The King answered.
I gave it all to you.
Without me you would be nothing.
You surely would not be King.
I uphold the kingdom.
I uphold your very life.
The air you breathe sustains you.
You cannot be your own god.
(unless of course you are God)

But Lucifer did not listen.
Yes, that was his nickname.
Because he lightened everyting up.
But now he was not thinking straight.
Thinking he really could be God.
Of foolish Lucifer.
It broke the King’s heart.

To be continued…

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A fair story (7)

No warning pierced through.
This wicked mind of his.
Now fully being developed into a true abyss.
So Lucifer made a plan.
Nothing could bring him from it.
He rallied all the servants, as many he could find.
He started talking to them.
Revealing what was on his mind.

Soon they were infected.
One third of all the kingdom.
They began to think the way he did.
Being blinded by pride.
Not seeing anymore, the King and his Son as their loving providers.
The ones that gave them life.
They put their gifts above them.
And now they wanted to be God.

So the King gave them power to prevail.
Kicking all rebels out.
To another part of his kingdom.
It was still a place of great beauty, they got to inhabit.
Yet it had much less glory, than where they had used to live.
Right next to the King and his Son Prince.

Oh they could still visit.
Appear before his throne.
He would still call for them.
For purposes of his own.
But their greatest privileges had been gone.
A glory that was only in the presence of the King and his Son.

Slowly their appearance began to change.
The shining of their face fading.
Their colors growing dim.
Grey slimy creatures they became.
Without the King’s presence all became dark without and within.

To be continued…

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A fair story (8)

And so the kingdom of heaven had great loss.
Splendid creatures lost to a foolish cause.
A cause that would never succeed.
For how could a creature become it’s own God?

So the King and his Son mourned greatly.
But not for very long.
They were too resourceful, and happy with all that was left in the kingdom.
Those who were still enjoying their generous kindness towards them.
They made a plan that would even increase their joy.
That would make up for their loss many times over.

Thouroughly they talked it through.
Becoming more and more exited about their plan.
It would be splendid.
So much more glory would come of it to the most remoted part of the kingdom.
Even to the places Lucifer had now taken residence in.
He would be no match for “them”.

So what was this plan?
What did it look like?
Are you ready?
They made MAN!

Oh it was glorious.
Their joy had no end.
All the kingdom’s servants rejoiced with singing and dance.
They were so delighted with all the joy they would bring.
These newly made creatures.
They were truly something else.

Ah the apple of my eye, the King said with pride.
Son these are your brothers and sisters.
I’ll love them like I love you.
Truly made in our image.
Now our family is complete.
And we will continue to grow as we will enable them to procreate themselves.

Oh such joy and delight.
Son come dance with me.
You want to hold them?
And so Father and Son danced.
The King and his Son Prince.
From sheer delight.

To be continued…

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A fair story (9)

Now before all this happiness happened,
Before they created man,
They said to themselves
We have to make a good back-up plan

If they are ever to fall,
The way Lightbearer did
We can’t leave them to themselves
In the darkness it will bring to their lives

We have to rescue them
And reconcile them to us
We have to provide a way for them to return
And change their mind.

We need to break through the darkness of their blinded thoughts
Revealing them that there’s still light
We need to show them the truth at all costs
They need to know that we are kind

And so they devised this plan
If these children where ever to rebel
They would not permanently throw them out of the garden
They had placed them in

To be continued…

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