Art Journaling

I often hear God speak when I write.
I start out with an idea in my mind, not knowing how it will unfold.
As I write, new thoughts just keep coming that I did not intend to write or even knew were true.

Another way I hear him speak is through art.
Either through watching it or through making it.
I recently started art journaling.
This basicly means I take a moment before I start to listen for his voice/impressions.
Then I start drawing and keep sensitive to his leading.
So I might draw things that initially don’t make sense.
The goal is not to make an artwork, although it could lead to that, but to hear him speak to my heart in a way that mere words sometimes can’t.

You might want to try it out it’s really fun and if you can write, which you can because otherwise you probably couldn’t read this either, you can draw.
You could when you were a child, and you didn’t unlearn it.
You just stopped doing it.
Just get some (cheap) supplies like colorpencils or pen brushes (which I use at the moment) or whatever you prefer.
You can even start out with only a pencil and paper but I think colors can be a great addition because they kind of speak for themselves, each having meaning.

Take a moment to quiet your mind.
Let go of all distractions, close your eyes if it helpes, and ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to say to you.
When you have an impression you start drawing.
Or painting, or whatever medium you prefer!
Painting might even be easier because you can keep it abstract if you feel uncomfortable about drawing figuratively.
However stickfigures are allowed too…
It can be very simply, it’s not about skill!
And you don’t have to have the whole picture in your mind up front.
As you draw new idea’s how to continue will come up.
When you finish, or along the way, take time to listen to what He speaks to you through what you made.



If you feel stuck in your creativity or you just want a boost you might enjoy Create Academy from Theresa Dedmon.
It’s a creative community for believers. You don’t have to be an artist to join.
We all have a measure of creativity!

You might also enjoy her facebookpage with inspiring interviews and tips for growing in diverse mediums.
You can even get a personal (prophetic) encouraging word spoken over your life!

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God IS

Not far away in heaven
Not in another universe
Not in someone elses lifetime
Not in a different age

I do not speak a foreign language
I AM not a distant God
I AM not a cruel ruler
I came down from above

I left heaven’s beauty
The perfect atmosphere of love
I entered human frame
I did not despise earth’s shame

I drank in man’s darkness
I paid the price for every sin
I identified with every human
So they could be one with Me

Free Gift


Let there be
Freedom from religion
Bonds that bind
The wrong kind of attachment

Fear to be accepted
By God most High
Striving for access to heaven
That was already paid for with a price

Let there be
Freedom from fear
Not to fit in
Free to be me

Let there be
An all surpassing knowledge
Of a God divine
Surrounding every soul

Drenching our whole being
Soaked in love
Dripping drops of mercy
A river that can’t be stopped

Dances of deliverance
Songs that bring joy
Worship of the Almighty                
Acknowledge that He is God

Free Gift


You are my song
You are my joy
You are so beautiful to me

You make me dance
You make me sing
Over who I created you to be

You are transformed
A new creation
The old has passed away

You are a mighty warrior
Shielded with my love
Shielded with your faith in return

You are my warring bride
Displaying my glory in the dark
Flying on the wings of our unity

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