A fair story (intro)

About a King and his Son
Their kingdom
And children in distress

If you’ve heard the gospel, the story about Jesus Christ the Son of God saving mankind, you might have noticed the many similarities with the many fairy tales and myths mankind has had over the centuries.
There’s a battle between right and wrong.
Light and darkness.
There’s a savior, a hero.
There’s a “lady” in distress, conveying the great love and passion the hero has for those he saves.
And there’s a good ending, that is if you’re on the right side of light.
And there’s lots of supernatural elements.
Hunderds and some thousands years old predictions being fulfilled during the lifetime of one man.
God incarnate.
A supernatural conception of a virgin.
People miraculously being healed and raised from the death.
Food multiplied and people walking on water.
Storms being rebuked and silenced in an instant.
People being delivered from demons.
The appearance of angels.
And yes there’s a dragon too…

But most wonderful of all: A God that loves his creation and was willing to become part of it in order to save it from it’s own rebellion against him and all the terrible consequences this led to.
Most of all it’s a story of great love that’s willing to go any length necessary to reach those in great danger. Danger of eternal darkness and life seperate from God, the One that gives us life.

For you the fairy-tale-likeness may be proof that it’s just another story.
For me and those who take a closer look and open their hearts to another reality we might have never known, it shows that our Creator has been speaking to us all along.
Through stories that may not convey “The Story” perfectly, yet show it’s innate truth nonetheless.
Now this just may seem all too far fetched and impossible to you but keep in mind that if God made us and the whole universe, then really He can easily overturn natural laws and appear any way He wants to.

I wrote it down for you in the form of a story. Because that’s what it is after all.
God’s story. And that of mankind.
It’s still a bit raw here and there (welcome to my writing process) and I intend to polish it up and describe the truths behind it and put in all together in a book.
For now it’s yours to read.
I’ll post it in small pieces a time over the next weeks.
May it bless you!

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