A fair story (3)

And he did it all together with his beloved Son.
The King was so thrilled with him.
He truly was the fruit of love’s expression.
The desire of his heart.
A dream come true.

His name was Prince.
The King determined he would do everything in his kingom through him.
Nothing would be done apart from the son’s approval.
If the son loved it, he would go through with it.
If he didn’t, he wouldn’t pursue it.
Now of course Prince loved everything his father proposed.
Because he was just like him in nature.
Their character was the same.
The only difference was that they had different roles.
But their kindness and their affections were alike.

Now Prince was the King’s only son.
The King loved him dearly.
He would do everything for him, and give him his heart’s desires.
Many times they spend together, strolling through the kingdom.
Enjoying all it’s beauty and magnificent creatures.
They had more servants than any kingdom we know.
All serving them gladly.
Not one holding a grudge against them.
Even the lowest one was held in great esteem and treated with great love and respect.
Everyone in this kingdom was joyful fulfilling their duties with dance and song.

They had many extravagant feasts, satisfying themselves with all the good the kingdom offered.
Of course always honoring the King and his Son Prince, who were the guests of honor on every single occasion.
Oh how they loved feasting with the inhabitants.
Not once witholding any of their own riches with them.
Sharing the palace’s treasures generously and which such joy and delight.

It seemed their sole desire and purpose was to make everyone happy.
As is the aim of every good king.
And oh they were good.
No place in the kingdom was unknown to the goodness of the King and his Son.
Everyone loved living there.

To be continued…

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