The Journey

(that never ends)

Step step step
Phoeh I’m tired
Step step step
I wish I was already there
Step step step
Do I ever get there?
Step step step
This road never ends

Step step step
Hey look a tiger
Step step step
Flowers, that’s nice
Step step step
Wow! Do you see that river?
Step step step
Nice, the sun shining down on me
Step step step
Auch, that hurts
Step step step
Gentle rain falling down on me
Step step step
Someone is walking beside me
Step step step
This is fun
Step step step
Every mile is different
Step step step
Isn’t life beautiful?

Step step step
This is how life was meant to be
Walking together
Walking the road of eternity

So, where are we going?
I believe we were all made with the same destination,
but not all of us are getting there.
Why? Because we have free choice,
and God is too kind to force us where we do not want to go.
As they say, “it takes two to tango”.

I also believe the journey itself is part of the destination.
It’s ongoing and part of the fun is to keep discovering
new things and reaching new hights.
So what are those things we keep discovering?
I believe it’s all about the heart of God.
God’s heart for us, his creation.

Free Gift


Blow the sjofar
Release the sound
Let the whole world know
A Lamb was found

The Price was paid
To access heaven
Lavish provision
In the presence of the King

Sound the alarm
Release the sound
Let them know
That without a substitute
Safety is not found

“Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world”

Free Gift


Like a sunrise
Is my love for you my child
I entered into darkness
In search for you
I descended in the grave
To get you out
I did not avoid death
To be with you

But My love
Is stronger than death
My passion
Stronger than darkness
My desire for you
Defeated the grave

Like a sunrise
Erasing the night
I AM victorious
I AM alive

Free Gift

Art Journaling

I often hear God speak when I write.
I start out with an idea in my mind, not knowing how it will unfold.
As I write, new thoughts just keep coming that I did not intend to write or even knew were true.

Another way I hear him speak is through art.
Either through watching it or through making it.
I recently started art journaling.
This basicly means I take a moment before I start to listen for his voice/impressions.
Then I start drawing and keep sensitive to his leading.
So I might draw things that initially don’t make sense.
The goal is not to make an artwork, although it could lead to that, but to hear him speak to my heart in a way that mere words sometimes can’t.

You might want to try it out it’s really fun and if you can write, which you can because otherwise you probably couldn’t read this either, you can draw.
You could when you were a child, and you didn’t unlearn it.
You just stopped doing it.
Just get some (cheap) supplies like colorpencils or pen brushes (which I use at the moment) or whatever you prefer.
You can even start out with only a pencil and paper but I think colors can be a great addition because they kind of speak for themselves, each having meaning.

Take a moment to quiet your mind.
Let go of all distractions, close your eyes if it helpes, and ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to say to you.
When you have an impression you start drawing.
Or painting, or whatever medium you prefer!
Painting might even be easier because you can keep it abstract if you feel uncomfortable about drawing figuratively.
However stickfigures are allowed too…
It can be very simply, it’s not about skill!
And you don’t have to have the whole picture in your mind up front.
As you draw new idea’s how to continue will come up.
When you finish, or along the way, take time to listen to what He speaks to you through what you made.



If you feel stuck in your creativity or you just want a boost you might enjoy Create Academy from Theresa Dedmon.
It’s a creative community for believers. You don’t have to be an artist to join.
We all have a measure of creativity!

You might also enjoy her facebookpage with inspiring interviews and tips for growing in diverse mediums.
You can even get a personal (prophetic) encouraging word spoken over your life!

Free Gift

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