A fair story (6)

Lightbearer did not realise his source.
So focused on the gift, he was forgetting the giver.
His mind was blinded by his own pride.
He had neglected his relationship with them.
And because of that he started to forget.
Where it all came from.
His thoughts rising to places they should never go.
Imaging what it would be like.
To have more and more and more power.
Like he didn’t have enough.
He wanted to be King.

But don’t you see?
The King answered.
I gave it all to you.
Without me you would be nothing.
You surely would not be King.
I uphold the kingdom.
I uphold your very life.
The air you breathe sustains you.
You cannot be your own god.
(unless of course you are God)

But Lucifer did not listen.
Yes, that was his nickname.
Because he lightened everyting up.
But now he was not thinking straight.
Thinking he really could be God.
Of foolish Lucifer.
It broke the King’s heart.

To be continued…

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