Worlds greatest medicine
Available for all

Yet so few people have it
Struggling to receive
The greatest love of all

Love that gives us peace
Love that is so kind
Yet we struggle to receive

God’s grace is available
God’s grace is for all
God’s grace is free

But it avails only those
Who accept this gift
And give up their pride

Are we willing to trust
To believe in our Maker
That we don’t have to provide

Provide for our own needs
Earn his loving care
Receive forgiveness

Do we dare to believe?

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I was created in glory
I was not created in sin
Sin was just a stain
It is not the whole story

I was created in love
I was made by a Father
I was created in glory
That is my story

All things visible
Come from what cannot be seen
Before I came to earth
I was created in the spirit
I was created in God’s heart

I was created in glory
I was set apart for Him
I was created to be his own
The “bride” of his Son
I was created to belong to him

Sin did not change this
Rather it gave him a chance
To show the depth of his love
To show the worth He made me with
To show I was worth
The very death of God

Mankind does not determine
The value of life
Mankind could not imagine
A God that would die

His death was a price
His death was a ransom
His death consumed every burden
It consumed the sin of mankind

His death brought restoration
His death brought us life
His death restored the image
Of God in mankind

His death gave us freedom
His death gave us life
His death restored all damage
All damage of mankind

His death gave us glory
His death gave us life
His death restored the image
Of God in mankind

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Before dawn
On another seemingly sad day
A miracle happened

The Son of God rose
Out of his grave
Defeating death forever

The firstfruits
Of a new creation
A new race was born

When Jesus died
Life was multiplied
And we came alive with him

The firstborn
Of many sons and daughters
Coming home

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The sweetest creatures ever
Looking at you with googly eyes
All they say is mew
And oh we fall apart

You are like that
You look at me with tenderness
Your voice melts every fear
Cats reflect their Maker

Lamb of God
More gentle than the meekest cat
You took all my sin
On yourself instead

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