Light of the world

The purpose of life, I would say, is to be enjoyed by God and to enjoy Him.
And everything He made, with Him in it.

God made us out of pure delight. He had pure joy when creating us.
You might have heard it say it’s better to give than to receive.
This sure is true in God’s eyes.
He so enjoys giving us life and all kinds of things we take pleasure in.
He enjoys seeing us enjoying.
He is a loving Father and like all good parents He can’t have enough of blessing us with good things.

One of those good things is his Son Jesus Christ.
The bible says Jesus is the Light of the world.
Like light in the natural changes the whole atmosphere and makes everything come alive and full of hope, so I believe God made the world in such a way that it would only come alive and have hope through his Son Jesus.
He loves Jesus so much that He wanted to give him great honor and pleasure. So much that He decided Jesus would be the King of the world one day.

And He now is. But only a few have yet accepted his reign.
But God is kind and extremely patient with all.
Yet there will be a day when our chance to choose Him freely will be over and all will bow to Him.
Not because He stopped loving us but because it would not be love if He let injustice reign forever.
Since injustice is part of all of us (when was the last time you were selfish, gossiped, treated someone too harshly…?) the only way for us to be saved from condemnation is if we are saved from the evil inside of us.

And that is exactly what Jesus came to do.
He came to take away the sin of the world. He was punished for it’s sin so that we would not have to be punished for it and then He gave us his Spirit, the Holy Spirit, inside of us, thereby enabling us to overcome our sinful tendencies.
We still have a choice if we surrender to his nudges and guiding. God doesn’t take everything over and takes away our ability to sin. But He gives us the ability not to.
So all who believe and acknowledge Jesus as King are now saved from evil and the judgement that one day will befall on all injustice.

Now THAT is a good and gracious gift right?!
One we didn’t deserve, but as I mentioned in “Free Gift”, we cannot earn anything from God. For He made us and all our abilities are a gift from Him as well.
Jesus truly is our only hope. The light of the world.

To be continued…(”Bride of Christ”)

Free Gift

Creator’s image

We were made in the image of God
That’s what the bible says
What does that mean?
We do no seem to be holy
Or very loving all the time
(That’s the same thing by the way
To be holy
And full of love
Because God is love
And He is holy)

Nor do we seem to shine
With beams of glory
So in what ways then
Are we like him?

I believe one of the things
In which we reflect him
Is how we are

Now that may sound
Like blasphemy to you
But you need to keep in mind
That this world is tainted
And many things
Are not the way
They were intended to be

But if all things are right
Children are created
From love
And this
I believe
Shows us the beginning
Of mankind

Free Gift