(New Year)

The old has passed
The new has come
Filled with opportunities

You sowed with tears
You will reap with joy
Every day will have new mercies

Let hope not die
Though darkness tries
To invade your wounded soul

The cross of Christ
Where He laid down his life
Is still the salvation of the world

Hide under My wings
Take refuge with the Most High
I AM your shelter

Trust without fear
Love your God
Let My words abide inside

Spend time with Me
Rest in My arms
Until My love heals every pain

Until you can see
Clearly again
That I AM all you need

I took the heat
In your stead
If only you would come to Me

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A tiny little baby
Born in a filthy stable
I doubt it was magical

But what if this baby was God
In human frame
I think the animals still stank

It was the perfect picture
Of a holy God
Entering a tainted world

The magic was the revelation
Of a God that cared
Enough to become a child

A God that is accessible
A God that is kind
A God that became a man

He identified with all our troubles
He did not shy away from them
Not even from our hostility

He reconciled us to himself
He paid the sacrifice this reunion required
He said “Behold, I AM THE LAMB”

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Excitement unattainable
Was bubbling up inside
When I was suffering
Unimaginable pain

The darkness was overwhelming
The pressure of the sin of the whole world
Yet thinking about you brought me light
The joy I knew would be the result

You are My reward
You gave me strength to endure
You are my price
Will you give me what I died for?

Will you give me your heart?
Every part of your life?
Will you give me your devotion?
As I gave mine to you

You can’t pay me back
That’s not what I’m asking for
But will you respond
And be mine like I am yours

Day of birth

Before I made my appearance
On planet earth
Bringing joy
To those who would receive

Bringing hope
To a dark world
Holding a promise
Of life restored

I was hidden
For nine months
Being woven

Invisible to everyone else
You saw my every form
How it developed
According to your blueprint

You did not rush
To create me
You took the time
A delicate creation requires

Then you introduced me
To my family
And many other people
All whom I would meet

I was a gift to them
As they were to me
I am a gift still
For meetings yet to be

Free Gift

Our Father

Origin of life
Source of our being
Strength of all
That have breath inside

Merciful Being
Father of kindness
Never abandoning
Longing to abide

With criminals and slanderers
All sinners alike
The haughty and mighty
People full of pride

Creator of the universe
Creator of men
Creator of mercy
The creating I AM

Sending his Son
To pay the debt that we owned
Releasing our guilt
So we could soar again

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A well of living water
Is about to be released
Bubbling up                   
From where it always has been

Quenching the thirst
Of every parched soul
Refreshing the earth
Until it becomes whole

A stillness in the air
Arrogant noises have to cease
Birds will sing their song
Justice will be released

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Empowerment day

Refreshment is coming
For dry and weary people
Empowerment from above
Saturated in love

Empowerment is coming
A change of heart
A cleansing of the soul
A melting of thoughts of stone

Revivement is coming
Making sleepers alive
Dull hearts awake
Passion inside

A new day is dawning
Hope for the desperate mind
Revelation is coming
Of a God that is kind

Healing for the broken heart
Healing for the body
Healing for the earth
For every sick part

A God coming down
Revealing his desire
To draw man to himself
Envelop him with divine breath

A God drawing near
Stretching out to every soul
A holy invitation
To become whole

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(And a wedding gift)

Your mission ended
You saved the world
That is, all who would receive

You went home
To be with your Father
Receiving a long awaited welcoming

You would send down your Spirit
To live inside of men
Empowering us to be just like you

Your bride, those that love you
Would make herself ready
Preparing for the great day

Taking baths of oil
Soaking in your love
Abiding in your presence
Removing other gods

And now we are almost ready
For another outpouring
The promised last rain
Removing our last stain

Then we will be clothed
In radiant white
We will show the world
That You are full of light

Darkness will tremble
Injustice has to bow
To the King of the universe
And his wife

They will work together
Forever side by side
Permanently united
Perfectly intertwined

PS: Are you his bride?
See also “Homecoming”.

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