A fair story (2)

And oh how many are his affections.
More numerous than anyone can count.
The King’s thoughts of benevolence towards his realm’s inhabitants are endless.
He never ceases to stop thinking about ways to bless them tremendously.
Always wanting to increase their joy and well-being.
Never content with the gifts he already bestowed on them.
Looking for more to give again and again.
It’s his greatest delight.
His joy seems to come from giving.
And oh what joy he has!

Did I tell you already he’s the most joyest happiest ruler ever?
Nothing can take his happiness away.
Not even the rebellion of the so treasured inhabitants of his kingdom.
Though it’s true they give him joy, it’s not the joy that’s the source of his happiness.
So they can never disappoint him.
They can never let him down.
They can’t make him sad or depressed.
Truly nothing can take his joy away.

Never is he discouraged by the lack of response of some inhabitants, that don’t quite have a correct view of his generous and kind nature yet.
All his happiness is found in the relationship with his Son.
Who is a part of his very own being.
Out of the love they have for each other a never ending flow of affections permeates the whole kingdom.
Reaching the remotest parts.
No inhabitant is forgotten or left out.

From the most faithful servants to the most indifferent creatures, that want nothing to do with their King.
He bestowes goodness on them all in similar matter.  
Not placing one of them above the other in esteem.
All are lavished with kindness.
All receive his loving attention.
All are in the gaze of his eyes.

Always looking for those that are willing to receive his gifts.
Which cannot be earned but which he so longingly wants to give.

To be continued…

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