A fair story (1)

Long (or was it short?) before the existence of time as we know it, a King had a Son.
This King was very wealthy, and famous among all his realms.
He was the most powerful and most generous Ruler anyone could ever wish for or even think of.
A king like this is unheard of in many of the places we now live.
In an area called earth.
But this King’s kingdom stretched far wider than any area we know.
Earth was certainly part of his domain, but it went way beyond it’s boundaries we are so familiar with.
Realms and spaces we have not known.
Atmospheres that would be most strange to us.
Creatures inhabiting it we would be afraid of or just look at with awe and wonder.
All of this was an expression of the King’s own character and nature.
All his realms and it’s inhabitants were in fact made by the King himself.
They came forth from the essence of his Being.
An essence that was pure love.

Not the kind of love we have experienced.
No this love had no ounce of self centeredness in it.
Not one little part was stained with the selfish fear of not having our own needs met.
Thereby diluting the purity of our best intentions.
Watering down our strongest affections.
No matter how strong and sincere they seem to us.
Yet always infected.
With a sense of our own needs and desperate desires.
Not fuly giving to others without abandoning.
Always expecting something back.
Even as little as a small thank you or act of appreciation.
Never loving selflessly without the slightest concern of self.

No this King was different.
Never loving with an agenda.
Never expecting anything in return.
Never giving with any strings attached.
Never becoming bitter and grudgy when his gifts of love and kindness were not returned like we do.

Oh don’t get me wrong he loves to receive expressions of thankfulness.
A show of appreciation.
A song of joy or a dance of delight in response to the display of his affections towards us.
But he never demands it.
Yet he always looks forward to them.
Expectantly waiting if we give him a response.

But not the way we do when giving.
Not to get his own needs met.
Like he even has a need that needs to be met by us!
No his desiring for a return of his affections is out of pure joy.
A longing to see our hearts lifted and filled with song through his many gifts of kindness that go past any of our best and loyal giving.
A desire for us to be filled with unending pleasures.
A delight that never ceases.

Oh how he loves to see such a response.
But never ever he demands or expects it out of some selfish need of his own.
His needs are all met in himself.
His very being contains all that gives him life and joy.
Everything that sustains him he has inside.
No source of his strenght is outside in some other being.

How can it?
Since he is the one that made it all.
If he needed anything from us he would not be God.
He would not be King.
And so there is this comfortable peace in all the kingdom.
All that dwell there and choose to belief in the goodness of the King.
They never have to provide for any of his needs.
All they are expected to do is to receive the many blessings he so generously bestows on them!

To be continued…

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