Hearing God

Be still

You speak
In the silence
You speak
In the storm

But when so many voices
Surround me like a mist
I cannot hear you
But I know that you insist

You insist speaking to me
To get my attention above them all
So I insist on listening
To hear your loving call

It’s only when I silence my mind, my busy thoughts, fears, worries and desires that I hear God.
It’s then that I hear him whisper

“ Daughter,

you are Mine,

I am so pleased with you

I am proud of you”.

We can hear God speak to us in many ways.
We may not always be aware of them though.
He speaks to us through nature or through songs.
Through people, through circumstances, through numbers and signs.
But He also wants to speak to us directly in a conversation.

We often hear him then in the form of a thought that comes into our mind.
I’m not just talking about idea’s we have, which often come from him as well.
But we can talk one on one with him by silencing other voices in our mind.
Then we can hear him talk back to us.
This may take practise, like most things in life.
We need to get used to turning all the noises of and listening to his alone.
His voice always leads to peace, and never to fear.

So keep that in mind if you’re testing your thoughts, whether they truly came from God or not.
We do have to test them, because other voices may still try to come in and pretend to come from God.
After a while though we know his nature, what his voice sounds like, and discerning it becomes a second nature to us.
Though He may discipline us and point out the things in our lives that we need to change, He is always loving and kind. He is not judgemental but forgiving and enables us to change if we need to.
And this is always for our good, and never to diminish our fun, but rather to increase it for the long run. So we can experience true joy and fulfillment in life.

Just ask him, daily, or several times a day:

“God what are your thoughts towards me? How do you see me? How do you feel about me?”

Let his answer sink in deep. Allow him to say it again and again. Let him whisper your name.
Take time for this. Keep listening.
It just never gets old. Not when you truly let his words enter your heart.
Just breath in his love for you.
He so enjoys that!


“Can you hear me? Tuning in to the God Who Speaks”
Book by Brad Yersak
(this book changed my life!)

Bonus poem (for dutchies)

Adem in

Adem in

De Geest van leven

De Geest van rust

Hoor de fluistering

Stille gedachten

Diepste geheimen

Een God

Die het hart kust

Free Gift


Sequel to “River of Life

I am a mirror
That’s how I was created to be
To reflect the Person
In front of me

So I gaze into His eyes
Behold his hands
His feet
And become just like Him

We don’t always have to ask for things when we approach God.
We are allowed to just be there.
To look into his eyes, using our faith and allowing him to imprint an image on our imagination so we can see him in the spirit.
We are spiritual beings and apart from physical senses we have spiritual senses with which we can discern things in the spiritual realm.
It often takes an intentional effort though to do this and to perceive what’s in front of us in the spirit.
The bible teaches us that God is always with us, so why not opening our spiritual senses so we experience him. We are invited to do so!

Something I like to do now and then is just to “imagine” Jesus to be right in front of me, looking at me and to ask myself what He looks like, specifically what’s the look in his eyes when He looks at me.
One of the impressions I get when I do this is that He looks at me with desire.
He has fire in his eyes which is his passionate love for me.
When I do this for a while I actually receive his love for me.
We often believe with our mind that God loves us but don’t always experience it.
We need to let his love permeate every core of our being.
Having a relationship with God (being in covenant with him) is not reading books about him or listening to stories or songs about who He is.
That may be a part of getting an idea of what He is like, but real relationship comes through interaction. By spending time together.
Now it would be ridiculous if God asked us to marry him so to say and wouldn’t allow us to spend time with him, to access his presence.
Through Jesus blood that was shed in our place, for our sin, we have full and constant access to God!
However we might have to learn how this works in practicality.


Patricia King has very good teaching on using our spiritual senses I can really recommend. She wrote a book called “Developing Your Five Spiritual Senses: SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE & FEEL the invisible world around you”.
And she has other teachings about this like “the glory school” you might want to check out.
I feel I learned a lot from her and she’s the one that made me aware that I can actually access God’s presence!
Also on https://wisdom.xpmedia.com/ are a lot of valuable resources about engaging more actively in the spiritual world we all already are a part of.
E.g. “Empower your seer anointing” which is a short and very practical e-course with activations that help you to discern in the spirit.

Free Gift

River of life

(Ministry of Jesus)

Endless mercy

There is a place
Full of love
Filled with a Presence
The presence of God

A place we can access
Only through blood
Not our own
But the very blood of God

You see we all sinned
And justice was required
To pay our debt to righteousness
We owed to God

But God said NO
This will not happen
Not My beloved children
They need a second chance

Let me provide a substitute
Let me die instead
Then every debt is settled
Then injustice will end

So Jesus God’s holy Son
Was torn on a cross
Like a tree split in two
His body was torn apart

Now a river was released
It was the life of God
An anointing of love
Now flows to all of us

The very scars of Jesus
His suffering and pain
Are healing for the nations
A light never to be quenched

Now all are welcome
To receive the life of God
That extends to all eternity
Through the blood of love

This love didn’t die
Jesus rose from the death
Now He lives forever
To intercede for us instead

Did you know that as a believer in Jesus Christ, when you acknowledged him as God, received his forgiveness and surrendered your life to him you have access to his throne?
(and if you haven’t you still can any time! see Free Gift)
And that this throne is a throne of grace, not judgement?
And that you can receive anything you need from the One on that throne?
Did you ever feel the heavens were closed when you prayed?
Like you were on the phone with someone that didn’t talk back, or even wasn’t there?
Then I have good news for you!
Maybe you already knew, but haven’t quite experienced it yet, like so many of us.

I’ve heard someone (prophet Bobby Conner) say God told him that prayer is an audience with the King!!!
I often experienced that the prayers I prayed from an awareness of his presence were ALL answered.
Prayers that were filled with faith that God would actually answer them.
When I wasn’t so convinced I was connected with God and I didn’t really believe I was in his presence at that moment none of my prayers were answered.
I’m not even sure those were prayers. Maybe it was just an activation of my mind. Without my spirit being involved.
But God connects to us from spirit to spirit.
We are spiritual beings that live in a body and have a soul (mind, will and emotions).
Our spirit is the core of who we are and therefore we need to communicate from our spirit with God who is spirit as well.
You can have a conversation with someone that doesn’t give you their full attention and it doesn’t make you feel you are connecting with them. Because you aren’t really.
When we pray we have to believe that God is there.
That in the spiritual realm we are approaching his throne and making a request to the King of the universe!
As believers, children of God, lovers of Jesus, we have access to the place from were He rules and reigns and He doesn’t withold anything from his beloved children.
We are citizens of heaven and can spend as much time in God’s presence as we want!
We just have to believe we have access and are entering his presence when we pray.

Free Gift