Pleading the blood

This works for belivers only but…you can always become one…
Or let a believer pray for you who does believe this. You do not need to be a believer for God to heal you. His love has no conditions. But you do need to believe to be saved and become his child.
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I once read a book from Maxwell Whyte called “The Power of the Blood” about pleading the blood of Jesus. (see amazon)
Often as believers we tend to beg God for things that actually already belong to us, but we haven’t claimed them yet. Like when you go to the bank or store with your creditcard to cash what is yours.
Now of course you don’t bark into God’s courts (through faith we can acces God’s throne in the spiritrealm to receive what we need the bible says) without respect and demand angrily what is yours. Unless your anger is directed to the devil of course…
We do always approach God with respect when we enter his presence.
But…we do not have to be shy or beg for the things we need. We can just open the fridge so to speak and take what is there like we do in our own home, because heaven IS our home.
So what is there, in the “fridge” of heaven? What “food” does God have for us?
The bible says we have an inheritance through the death (and resurrection!) of Jesus.
When Jesus died He basicly said ”all that I have is yours”.
He literally gave us his life but with that He gave us access to everything that belongs to God.
God our Father, the one who made us and therefore surely can heal us as well.

Jesus died to pay the rightful punishment for our sin. Because of that we are forgiven and our sin is erased. The debt we owed to righteousness was paid and we are in rightstanding with God again.
So when we feel accused, by others, ourselves or who or whatever we just have to take a closer look at what Jesus did for us and let it sink in until we believe it with our whole heart. Until we applied our belief to our own life and current situation.
Don’t think that belivers/christians are hypocrite because they don’t have it all together. Though they seem to say they know it all, is that not what their faith implies? But we all are still on a journey, and faith is something that needs to grow and applied throughout our whole lives. So we can believe something, in theory, to a degree, without seemingly any result. Like believing God’s love is unconditional and yet condemning ourselves or others over certain things. We need to apply this belief in a practical way.
The same goes for healing.
Sickness came into the world through sin.
(how can you expect to be healthy if you’re not connected to the source of your life, to The One that sustains it)
However because Jesus died for our sin we can now also be healed.
The first step to our healing is to believe this. And it might take some time for our faith to grow. Just water it with the truth. Reminding yourself of it constantly.
But then what? Do we storm heaven and beg God for healing?
Well you can give it a try of course. You are free to pour out your heart before God.
How would you feel though if you gave someone a gift, like putting money on their account, and they would keep begging you for money? You would tell them to go to the bank and cash it right?
It’s the same with much of the things God gave to us.
So how do we cash them?
We plead the blood of Jesus over our circumstance, over our whole life. Over sickness, over anything we need. Because Jesus died to give us access to anything that belongs to God. It’s ours now.
God is like that. He is not stingy. He is not witholding anything good from us.
“If He gave us Jesus, will He not give us everything?”

So like pleading a certain right you have in a courtroom we can plead the blood of Jesus.
It is not a magic formula, you do have to believe it. But if we do then it works every time!
“Whatever you ask in my Name (pleading is like asking in his name), if you believe you wil have it”.
And if we have trouble believing, we may have to grow our faith first.
A book I can really recommend about the benefits of the cross is “Bought with Blood: The Divine Exchange at the Cross” by Derek Prince.
I also see he has another book called “Applying the Blood: How to Release the Life and Power of Jesus’ Sacrifice” which is probably much the same content but more practical. (see amazon)

Be blessed!

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