Hi fellow traveler,

Welcome on this blog!
And in case no one ever told you
Welcome in this world
Welcome in this life
Welcome on this journey!

You are more welcome
than you’ve ever known!

Life is a journey
And it was designed for you
Not to have pain upon pain
Trouble upon trouble
Worry after worry

But to be healthy and whole
To be successful
in who you were made to be
To be happy and holy
To enjoy life fully
And to have peace

But, you might say
I am not healthy
Surely I’m not holy
Nor happy
(except for some fleeting moments)

Yes, and that’s what this blog
Is all about
To find some of the reason’s why
We are not happy
Or holy
Or healthy
And what we can do about it

So are you ready?
We are all on this journey together
And we can help each other
To reach our destiny
And to live life fully
The way it was intended to be

I hope this blog will help you
And me, while making it
To get closer to this end
And to reach our destination



Free Gift

The Journey

(that never ends)

Step step step
Phoeh I’m tired
Step step step
I wish I was already there
Step step step
Do I ever get there?
Step step step
This road never ends

Step step step
Hey look a tiger
Step step step
Flowers, that’s nice
Step step step
Wow! Do you see that river?
Step step step
Nice, the sun shining down on me
Step step step
Auch, that hurts
Step step step
Gentle rain falling down on me
Step step step
Someone is walking beside me
Step step step
This is fun
Step step step
Every mile is different
Step step step
Isn’t life beautiful?

Step step step
This is how life was meant to be
Walking together
Walking the road of eternity

So, where are we going?
I believe we were all made with the same destination,
but not all of us are getting there.
Why? Because we have free choice,
and God is too kind to force us where we do not want to go.
As they say, “it takes two to tango”.

I also believe the journey itself is part of the destination.
It’s ongoing and part of the fun is to keep discovering
new things and reaching new hights.
So what are those things we keep discovering?
I believe it’s all about the heart of God.
God’s heart for us, his creation.

Free Gift