If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and submitted your life to Him then this is the truth about you:

(read it, ponder it, meditate on it, BELIEVE it, declare it out loud replacing “you” for “I”)

You are a son or daughter of God.
You are forgiven of ALL past, present and future sin.
Your shame caused by sin or what others did to you is covered by Jesus blood and hidden forever.

Read also “Unashamed”.

You now have a radiant garment you can put on, it’s called Jesus Christ.
Jesus is your righteousness, not your own discipline and abilities.
You are a branch that is connected with a vine (Jesus) that is FULL of life and healing.
You are holy because He is holy.
You are a whole new creation.
You are perfect in God’s eyes.
You are a light in this world.
You belong to God forever.

Read also “You are Mine”.

If you don’t believe in Him and don’t submit your life to Jesus Christ then this is true about you:

(just open yourself for a moment and consider that it might be true, how would you feel about that if it was? What would your response be?)

You are God’s desire.
He longs to be in relationship with you and show you his love.
He will never stop loving you and He will respect the free will He gave you.
You will be separated from his presence forever if you don’t make the choice in this life that you want to be in relationship with him and submit to him.

So He can be all you would want God to be for you.
So He can save you.

He cannot save you if you don’t put your life in his hands.
Then He would infringe on your free will and He refuses to do that.
He wants you to want him!

Read also “Saved from what?”.

He loves you so much that He,
Jesus Christ the Son of God
who himself is God as well,
came to the earth as a man.
He lived a perfect life
He taught us the ways of God
Then He died on a cross
To pay the sentence
For OUR sin
And because of that we can now be
In rightstanding with God
Forgiven and clean

Read also “Mediator” and “Creator’s joy” for an explanation of why Jesus had to die.

Read “Free Gift” to learn how you can become a child of God.

No matter which of these two categories of people you belong:


And so do I

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