Lies and Truth

Sequel to “Victory

So the battle between darkness and light, good and bad on the earth has it’s origin in the spiritual realm. It’s interwoven with our whole lives.
The main place were this battle takes place is in our mind.
Why does God allow satan to have such an influence in our lives?
You might not like the answer but the bible says God uses everything for good for those who love Him.
Apart from the fact that God gave satan a free will too, He won’t let satan continue forever to bring destruction to men. But as long as he does I believe it has a function.

See also “Purpose of worship”.

You might wonder why satan rebelled in the first place.
And why in turn men rebelled against God, being tempted by satan.

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The main way satan seems to work his evil ways of destruction is by lying to men.
By telling us things about God and ourselves that aren’t true.
Interesting right? That means that we can choose to believe them and act accordingly or not.
It shows that satan has less power than we might often think.
He partners with men who believe him. If we don’t satan really can not do that much harm to us.
Only those who submit to his lies and temptations become victim of his evil schemes.

So key thing is that we discover the truth and hold on to it tenaciously.

Interesting thing is that in the process of resisting his lies we become more aware of the truth and who we are in God’s eyes. It actually makes us stronger and more confident in God’s love for us.
Still one might wonder why we believed satan the first time he lied to men.
After all they lived in relationship with God in a beautiful garden where there seemed to have been no lack or pain.
So why did they believe satan’s assumption that God was holding out on them?
I think in part because we can choose whether we trust God or not.
God did not overwhelm men with himself in such a way they couln’t choose anymore and were simply compelled to obey him because of his power.

God wants us to want him.

Relationships are based on trust and that’s what faith is.
To trust him is to believe him.
It’s the only way we can have a loving relationship with God based on free will.
And that’s what He’s after.
He’s after you and me.
Hoping we will believe him and trust him so we can have a relationship with him that is filled with love, not coercion.
He has no interest in slaves or robots.
He wants family.

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