You are Mine

The Spirit of God jealously yearns
for the spirit that’s inside of us!

Yes you read it right
God longs for us
We are His desire!

He is jealous of all the things
That we place above Him
And that fill our heart
So that there is no room
For Him

It’s not that He needs us
He WANTS us!

Once we give our lives to Him
He passionately calles us His
His son, his daugther
His beloved
His own

He longs to daily have interaction with us
To woo our heart
To heal it from every hurt
Of the past, or present

Just take a moment
Every day
To stop what you’re doing
To stop trying things
To stop earning and performing

Just rest
In His arms of love
Be still
And know that He, God
Loves you
And is with you
Right now!                                

You will start hearing his voice
You will start feeling his love
He will start healing you
And you will never be the same

You will start experiencing his guidance
Through the day
And He will give you solutions
Of the problems that you face
Creative idea’s will come up

You become
Who you were made to be
And already are
It just hadn’t manifested yet
But now it does

You were never meant
To figure it all out on your own
You were never meant
To be alone

And you never will be
He is always right there
By your side

Just talk with Him
And you will hear Him
talking back to you

You were always loved
And you always will be

Choose to believe that
You might not feel it right now
But if you persevere
In seeking his face
And hearing his voice
It will change you
And the feelings will come

You just have to remind yourself
When you feel alone
Or rejected
That this is not the truth
And you are His forever

Free Gift

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