Between heaven and earth

If there is a messenger. A mediator, one amoung a thousand. To show man His (God’s) righteousness. Then He (God) says: “Deliver him from going down to the pit, I have found a ransom! (Jesus)”
Job 33:23-24

There is one God and one mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.
1 Timothy 2:5

God loves us so much He is willing to forgive us and yet He is not willing to do that without a ransom,
without someone paying the penalty for our sin. Someone who paid the price we owed to righteousness, we owed to God.
Why? Because otherwise we would not learn what righteousness is as I mentioned in earlier posts.

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So we needed a mediator. Someone that could reconcile us back to God and make us in rightstanding with Him again.
Someone that loved us that much He was willing to give his life in exchange.
His life in our place. His life for our life.
Someone that deemed us worthy to die for. Even while we were sinners.
Someone that saw a great treasure when looking at humanity, at every single one of us individual, and saw something that was to be greatly desired and worth suffering for. Yes worth giving up all that He had. Worth giving up the glory and comfort of heaven and becoming like one of us. Suffering like all humans suffer. And even becoming so small He had to grow and learn the way all humans have to learn and develop.
Someone who was perfect and never sinned, and yet was willing to become a humble baby and live among hostile man. And even to die on a cross. Mocked, scourged, rejected and killed.
And yet He did all that for the very ones that rejected and killed Him.

They thought they killed a man.
Little did they know He was the Son of God who had come down from heaven to do just that: to die. That in fact He had surrendered himself willingly so that they could be saved instead of having to die themselves.
I am speaking now of the spiritual death we have if we are separated from God through our sin and the eternal condemnation this eventually will bring to us if we don’t repent. Then we spiritually die. The bible calles this the second death.
If we accept his sacrifice, his life that He gave for us, we become alive again spiritually and are united with God. And we have eternal life with Him. And yes one day our body will be raised from the death as well. It will be new, whole, healthy and perfect. But even now we can partake of some of the change this will bring to our bodies. Even now we can be healed and even now the dead can be raised and already have. (just do a google-search if you don’t believe me) All because Jesus carried our sin with it’s consequences in our place. So we even don’t have to be sick anymore.
I’m not saying sickness is a result of direct personal sin, but at it’s root the cause of sin is the depraved nature of a mankind that is fallen away from God. Once we see the provision God gave for us to be healed, through Jesus who carried not only our sin but also our sickness when He died in our place, we can be free from all disease. We just have to believe it.
But the greatest thing is we can be in right standing with God again if we choose to accept the life that He gave in our place. If we repent and say:

“Yes, I need you, I was selfish and lived my life for me, I put myself above you God, and did not acknowledge you and give you the honor that was only due to you. I made a little god of myself and others and gave things and people a place in my life that only you should have.
I repent for not believing in you and I now acknowledge you as God over my life and surrender to you now and every day of my life is yours from now on. I give you both my sinful past so you can erase all my sin and make me clean again. And I give you my today and my future so you can change me and do what you want to do in and through my life. Show me your plan for me, show me your will and help me to surrender to it.
Thank you that you are now with me and even in me. I am yours forever.”

If you prayed this prayer you might want to check out this website for new believers:

And keep reading this blog, there’s a lot more to say…

Bless you!

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