“They were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

“Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked. So they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.”

What happened in between these lines?
Sin happened.
To be naked is only shameful when you have sinned.
Adam and Eve were already naked.
But they didn’t realise it because they had nothing to hide. Nothing to be ashamed of.
To be naked simply means that everything about you can be seen.
We might try to cover things up but God sees right through it. Maybe others don’t but He does.
Our own coverings our not satisfying to God. He still sees our sin.
But there is hope.
We don’t have to go through life naked or with self-made shabby clothes trying to cover up what we did and who we are or were, once…

“The Lord God made garments of skins for both Adam and his wife and clothed them.”

God does not leave us naked, in shame, when we sin. He gave us a covering. One that He made, not one of our own making.
So what does this covering look like? It was not made of fig leaves.
It was made of skins. Of animals. So that means something living had to die in order for them to be without shame. Their sin covered.
This was a picture of Jesus the Son of God who died in our place and took our shame instead when He hung on the cross naked.

If we accept what Jesus did for us (since a gift can only be received if it is accepted) and we submit our lives to God then He does not treath us based on our sin anymore.
It’s not like we can fool God and keep on living in sin because He covered our sin up. But when we truly understand this his goodness will lead us to repentance and not lead to more sin.
And He will enable us to live holy.

Jesus was stripped naked for us and we are now clothed with Jesus.
Our sin was reckoned to Jesus. He was punished for it so that righteousness would be fulfilled and God could be merciful and righteous at the same time. Like a judge that gives a sentence because it’s right but then pays that sentence himself because he knows that person never can.
So now when God looks at us He treaths us based on the perfect life of Jesus who never sinned and was spotless. His holiness is accounted to us.
So in God’s eyes we are perfect and without flaws now.
Not because our actions our now perfect but because we are clothed with Jesus who is perfect and our sin is covered in his eyes because its was punished when Jesus hung on the cross. So is we confess it and repent He does not hold it against us and in his eyes it doesn’t exist anymore. It was erased by the blood of Jesus.
That doesn’t mean He doesn’t see it when we still stumble and sin but He does not treath us based upon that sin.
Now God is not to be mocked. Sin still has a negative influence on us and it gives the devil access to our lives. So if we keep sinning although we are forgiven it still brings destruction because what we reap we still sow, but it doesn’t lead to eternal seperation from God.
And if we willfully keep sinning since we are forgiven anyways we are in danger of losing our faith  because faith comes through hearing God and when we ignore his voice and commandments we harden our hearts and are in danger of not hearing that voice anymore that gave us faith. And we can only be saved through faith.
But there is a lot of grace with God and once we accepted Jesus offering for us and submit to Him we are forgiven for all past, present and future sin.
And meanwhile He works in our hearts to change us.
He doesn’t leave us sinful. That would not be love since sin is destructive.

“Jesus died once and for all.”

All who receive this gift are now forgiven.
Don’t keep walking around naked.
Put on Jesus Christ. (through faith)
It takes away every shame in your life.
If someone still tries to shame you remind yourself of what Jesus did for you.
That HE carried your shame instead.
Your spirit is now made new (see “Free Gift”) and in Gods eyes you are perfect because your covering is perfect and does not leave anything unhidden.
The price of your sin (the rightful punishment) has been paid by Jesus so you are not in debt to God anymore. You are now in rightstanding with Him.

IN GOD’S SIGHT YOU ARE NOW BLAMELESS if you’ve put on Jesus!

Read here how (it’s simple, just believe and submit your life to Him) to become blameless.

Free Gift

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