There seems to be this battle going on in the place were humans live.
Between hope and despair.
Lies and truth.
Darkness and light.
Have you noticed?
Do you ever feel discouraged?
Yet feel over the top happy another day?
Or just being thankful and satisfied with life one day yet another day you feel something is missing and you can’t lay hold of it? You don’t even know what’s missing or why you feel blue?

Welcome to live on earth.
Or should I say welcome to the spiritual dimension, which is interwoven with all we do and see.
We might not always realise the cause of our feelings and events in the earth.
Many things that are seen have a root in what cannot be seen.
Or should I say all things?
According to the bible all things visible come from the invisible.
That is invisible with our natural eyes.
Thankfully God did not leave us blind and in the dark.
He gave us spiritual sight and understanding of things that are hidden from plain sight.
However the only way to see in the supernatural without the chance of being deceived is when we submit our lives to Jesus Christ. Then we are protected from darkness and can be assured that we gain true understanding. Jesus himself is called the Truth and He will never deceive us.

So were does this deception come from?
Why is there darkness if it doesn’t come from God?
If God is all light and full of goodness and has no bad intentions towards us…
To be honest I do not have all the answers.
(surprised? I’m sure you’re not)
But I will share my thoughts with you.

I believe there is more life than what we know on earth.
That we are not the only creatures that God made.
I believe there is a whole other dimension, a spiritual dimension, were there are angels, demons and who knows what other creatures.
Demons (according to the bible and my believes) are fallen angels. They rebelled against God.
God did not make evil creatures but He gave us free will and therefore the ability to become evil.
I believe that God created a hierarchy in all that He made. For reasons we might not always understand or see in the moment.
I believe that the purpose of those that are above us is to bless us. Like a strong person can help a weaker one. Their purpose is by no means to subdue us and make us suffer.
Unfortunately on earth many things are twisted and upside down. Many leaders are in it for power and personal gain. But it was never meant that way.
A leader actually serves the ones that are under them, under their care. The purpose of a leader is to make things better for others, not worse.
The same goes for the spiritual dimension. I believe we all are spiritual beings but humans happen to have a body, while others spirits like angels only seem to be able to appear in earthly bodies but don’t live in it all the time.
So I believe God placed angels above us to serve us. To bless us.
But the very one that God made most powerfull, Lucifer, turned evil and is now after our destruction.
That doesn’t seem fair right? But you have to keep in mind that God is above all evil and perfectly able and willing to protect us from it.
However just as God gave Lucifer, the angel who became the devil/satan, free will so He gave mankind free will and we only are under satan’s power when we don’t submit to God.

Read also “The Kingdom of God” and “Enthroned on our praises”.

If we submit to God we have autority to fight all evil that tries to come against us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of seeing the victory God gave us over the devil.
This victory is only found in the cross were Jesus took the place of sinful man, thereby erasing all the autority the devil had over us through our obedience to him, satan.

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To be continued…(“Lies and Truth”)

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