The Kingdom of God

God against the devil?

It’s more men against the devil.
Although…God loves us that much that He considers our enemies as his own.
Of course everyone who thinks clearly understands that if God is all powerful the devil is not a match for Him. After all God created the devil. Do you really think God lets the devil overtake Him?
And yet, that’s what happened.
In part.

When Jesus, the Son of God, died on the cross it seemed like the devil prevailed over Him.
Little did he understood that by letting this happen Jesus took the place of sinful men.
By dying on that cross the rightful punishment for our sin was now undergone, it was paid.
The devil only has access to peoples lives when they sin. But because Jesus suffered the punisment of sinful men the devil has now no autority to hurt believing men.
The bible says that those who accept Jesus sacrifice for them and submit to God have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, which is the kingdom of his Son, Jesus Christ.

The kingdom of God is different from the kingdoms of this world where everyone that is part of it has to submit to its rules. You do have to submit to God’s rules if you’re part of his kingdom but it’s based upon free will.
Everyone can choose to be a part of it or not. If you don’t God doesn’t love you any less.
It’s just that He won’t save you if you don’t because He gave satan (the devil) autority over all who don’t submit to Him.
We don’t have the option of being the king over our own lives. It’s either God or satan.

You might not believe in the devil, satan.
Have you ever wondered why so many fables and fairy tales from about every culture on the earth are about evil versus good. Most if not all cultures have stories of tremendous battles against something evil that tries to bring destruction and death. Some hero then stands up and after many setbacks and personal loss prevails over this evil and peace is restored.
I believe this is God speaking to us.
We all have some innate understanding of what is right and what is wrong (evil).
Your consience might be dulled through beliefs that prevail in the society around you.
Still we all know that stealing is wrong. Or hitting someone innocent. Hurting animals etc.
Except perhaps for some very extreme cases where people feel no guilt at all but it is also known that this is an abnormality and by no means normal.

It is up to you and I will not love you any less nor will God…
But you can be saved from both the evil inside yourself and from evil influence from the outside which I believe comes from the devil. (See also “Saved from what?”)

“Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual autorities.”

This changes the way we see and do life and enables us to love people who are most cruel and are harming us.
They too can be saved from the evil that now influences them and rules over them.
And then we in turn are saved from the destruction they bring as well.
There is hope for ALL people.
There can be peace.
But only if we submit to God and enter his kingdom.
And not try having one leg in the kingdom of darkness…
You will lose that leg, if it not drags you all together in it’s clutches and then you’re lost completely.
Seperated forever from the One every soul deep down longs for and the only One that can bring us true satisfaction. The only One that loves us perfectly, without flaws.

God’s kingdom is there where a heart is surrendered to God.
Inside that person the kingdom of God has come.
What if a whole nation surrendered to God?
What if the whole world did?
I’ll leave the possibilities of that to your own imagination.

“Let your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Free Gift (click here to read how you can be saved)

God loves you!
You are the treasure He came to find!

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