A fair story (11)

So what was the King’s and his Son’s rescue plan
If they were to rebel
These glorious men?

They knew they took a risk
By giving them free will         
But how could they not?
What joy would it bring
If they were mere robots?
Doing everything by force and not by choice?

No that would never do
It would give them no pleasure at all
But oh if they willingly chose
To be in relationship with them
It would give them so much joy
So they took a chance

In full anticipation what they would do
If they would want their makers
The King and his Son
To be involved in their lives
If they would be willing
To put their trust in them
That would give them so much delight

Because then they could give them so many gifts
The greatest being to enclose themselves to them

Would they take it?

To be continued…

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