A fair story (12)

Now of course they knew very well what would happen
And yet they created the possibily that it wouldn’t
It seems above understanding
This foreknowledge of theirs

So they gave man a free will
One of their very own
And since love always hopes for the best
So did they
Fully putting their trust in them
Yet another of love’s features
We often fail to get
But not they
Being perfect

Oh how excited they were
But prudent as well
They knew very well they had an enemy
That Lucifer would try to meddle with their plan
And yet also him
They had given free will

Now Lucifer lived
In the place they had given to man
It was not the place he was supposed to reign
But like all rebels do
He did not obey the King’s commands
And so they were fully aware
He would come and force his way in

To be continued…

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