A fair story (10)

This garden was a beautiful part of the kingdom
Especially designed for their specific needs
It had the most delicious fruit for them to eat their fill
Beautiful lakes to swim in
Breathtaking views of high mountain ranges
Filled with many other creatures for them to enjoy and take care of
All kinds of vegetation for them to tend to

But the greatest joy the garden contained was that at the end of every day
The King would walk with them
Hours they would spend
Listening to the King and his Son
Sharing the discoveries they made that day
And the King would just love on them
Thoroughly enjoying their excitement
Over all the surprises they came to find
Oh what joy it brought the King
To see his children delight in everything

Now in the middle of this garden stood two trees
Spreading out their branches wide
With fruit as good as all the other ones
Desirable to eat

One of these trees was called the Tree of Life
If they would eat of it they would never die
The other was the Tree of Knowledge
Eating of it would lead to great darkness for men
Because it was not only knowledge of good it would bring
It was also the knowledge of darkness

So the King strictly forbade them to eat from it
Because it would hurt them tremendously
Only he was able
To bear the knowledge of such evil
It would utterly destroy them

To be continued…

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