A fair story (13)

But the King had great faith in man
Knowing he had empowered them with great autority
The power to resist Lucifer
If he would come
Was fully given them
It was not out of negligence
They placed man were Lucifer had access
No rather it was all part of the plan
He had for man

If they would resist their enemy
He would truly know they had chosen their Maker
And submitted to their King
For obedience is no obedience at all
If there’s no opportunity to disobey
And love is not love
If it’s not a choice that’s freely made

So even the rebellious Lucifer was part of a purpose
To secure man
To give them a choice to make
Showing them they truly had a will of their own
For without more than one option
Free will was just a scam

And to give them a chance
To fully show their love and devotion
A chance to return
What they had given them
To respond to it in a fitting manner
That suited the great love bestowed on them
A chance to make this relationship voluntile
So it would be really worthwile

To be continued…

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