A fair story (14)

They looked so forward to man’s decision
To entrust themselves fully
And give their hearts in love
Witholding nothing
But they also knew they wouldn’t
(although they could, oh what mystery)
At least not right away

They knew they had to make a sacrifice
A great price
To convince man of their devotion
Of their good intentions
Something Lucifer had chosen not to believe

But they would do everything for these man
They were not merely some other creatures
Their genuity had devised
Another expression of love for sure
But these would be endowed with their own Spirit
These would be of their same kind
They would bare their very nature
Their image in which they appeared
They would have the same mind
They would share in their ingenuity
Their ability to create

Of course not without them
Like even they did everything together
They would be an image of themselves
All of them combined

They would be
An unvealing
A tremendous huge display
Of all the King and his Son were made of
Their character would be the same

Such beauty
Such value
These children would have
And so very treasured
They would hold nothing back

But in order
For them to be like this
Their very own nature
Their very things in mind
They would have to surrender

Like relationships glory
Is complete trust
They would have to prove
What was in their heart

To be continued…

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