A fair story (15)

And so they made this plan
To win them over
Something they would not resist
At least not all of them
They would still have free choice
Yet when offered this gift
It would be hard to deny

Son, the King said earnestly
It will cost us a very great price
To win their hearts
So they become fully ours
Are you willing to pay
All that you have?
And like with all other plans the King devised
The son said YES!

I will give
All of my being
I’ll even become one of them
As small as a seed
Hidden when being made
Small when being born
Learning when growing up

All the things they need to discover
Growing in wisdom
Learning to trust you as my father
Being tempted with all their temptations
Praying all my life to you
Loving my brothers and sisters
And even those who hate me

And then, when I’m ready
I’ll give my life to serve
I’ll teach them about your love
I’ll show them how we care

By doing all the miracles you want to give
By healing their sick
By delivering the oppressed
By giving them hope
By giving them understanding in your ways

And then, at last
I will die the death
They deserve to die
I will fully pay the punishment
Their offenses require

I’ll take their place
So justice is fulfilled
And they will never have to suffer
The unbearable consequences
For their rebellion

To be continued…

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