A fair story (16)

We will show them mercy
We will be kind
Oh so kind they can’t resist
We will blow them away with our goodness
Overwhelm them with our love

In humility I’ll go down to them
And show that it’s not beneath us
To draw near even inside their filth
Washing them clean by becoming dirty myself
Letting their darkness penetrate my own soul

Fighting their fight with darkness
Which they could never win
Abandoning my soul to the realm of the death
Descending to the lowest part of hell
Confronting the powers of darkness
That sin enabled them to have
Undergoing every suffering sin led to
Taking the blow that was due to man
on myself instead

I will not let the punishment
of one of their transgressions
Not being undergone by myself
We will wipe their slates clean
Removing darkness’ hold on them
Taking every power captive
Setting them free from sin’s bond
Every obstacle
Between them and us
We’ll take out of the way forever

To be continued…

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