His story 1: Another dimension

A blueprint for peace

As you probably noticed I did not just make up some story. (Read “A fair story“)
Another nonsense fairy tale like we have so many already.
But are they really nonsense?
I am sure you noticed the many similarities with all those magic stories.
Like I wrote in the introduction.
I believe we have an innate knowledge of truth and another reality we cannot see with our natural eyes.
One of the ways humanity has expressed this truth is by telling stories.
Some closer to “The Story” than others, yet all touching another dimension that rises above what we can experience with our natural senses.
Is it really a coincidence that these stories have so many similar elements in them, including the story of the bible, of Jesus Christ?
I believe that rather it shows the creative ways our Maker speaks to us.
The bible was written many years after God showed up on planet earth and started to interact with people.
Although I believe it is a book that comes from God himself, by inspiring people to write it, we can not limit God’s speaking to us to its written words.
I do believe the ways God speaks to us and the way we live our lives should not be in contradiction with the bible.
However that does not mean He cannot give us inventions, as an example, that did not exist in the old days because they are not mentioned in “the book”.
It is a guideline to live by yet his ways of showing up in our lives are endless.
The different forms in which He speaks to us that are mentioned in the bible probably cover most of these ways though.
Just be careful not to put God in a box.
I think we often miss a lot in life because we limit ourselves by narrow thinking.

There is a story in the bible where God lets a donkey talk!
The man the donkey speaks to actually was a foretuneteller to whom God had spoken but he was so obstinate to do his own will that God had to use a donkey to get to him!
The donkey actually saved his life because he saw the angel that was standing in front of them, ready to kill him if he went any further, because it was against God’s former directions.
The man did not see the angel at first probably due to his own obstinacy that blinded him.
A donkey had to warn him!
The animal was so afraid he refused to go any further.
The man, whose name was Bileam, then beats his donkey several times.
It is then that God allows the donkey to speak and then Bileam sees the angel as well.
I get the impression he was not even warned for his own sake, but for the donkey’s sake because he would not have stopped hurting or even killing the animal otherwise.
Now that is an interesting story right?!
It shows to me that God can speak in endless ways.
But I find it also interesting that an animal was more sensitive to the spiritual realm than a person.
Perhaps there is a lesson there for us.
I believe it shows the importance of seeing with our spiritual eyes.
It might be a matter of death or life!

To be continued…

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