His story 2: Another perspective

A blueprint for peace

So what is this story I wrote down all about?
We have been so used to telling the history of humanity from our own perspective.
I would like to propose we look at it from a different view and see if we can discover something new.
I am sure we can all agree that humanity is in need for some new revelation.
Revelation that leads to solutions.
Solutions to problems that are to difficult for us to resolve.
Unless we tap into our Maker.
The One who perfectly knows how it all works, since He put this life together.
Not just our individual lives but that of the whole universe.
He certainly knows how to solve famine and poverty.
Wars and sicknesses.
Depression and loneliness.
None of these things are a mystery to him.
He knows their cause and their solution.
So why should we pain ourselves any longer and try to fix it all by ourselves.
Perhaps we can get understanding by looking at life from a different point of view.
Why should we not ask God how HE sees it?
What HIS take on things is?
After all He knows best.
He knows everthing.
Do you think He will withold any information from us that can improve our lives?
Do you really believe He is that cold and distant?
Do you think that if indeed He does care about these things we wrestle with, He did not start telling us about them right away?
Right from the beginning when we encountered the first problem?
And I believe that is exactly what He did.
Right there in the garden He had placed us in.

To be continued…

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