A fair story (20) The End!

Oh it will be beautiful
A place of joy and delight
All other inhabitants will look with wonder
Upon those radiant children of the King
They will be truly special
With great privileges
And like all is now ruled through you my Son
You will rule through them

I will make you King
I will give all autority into your hands
You will rule them with wisdom
You will throw all darkness out
Every enemy that wanted your throne
You will conquer them
And you will establish peace forever
And reign with them at your side

And when everything is fulfilled
When you have given your life
And many have accepted
And you have come back to me for a time
Until they have taken their position
To rule and reign with you
As your partner
As your bride

When we’ve finished their redemption
Restoring all autority back to them
They had in the garden
And when you ruled with them for a season
Of 1000 years
You will give me back the kingdom
After you’ve given me many heirs
And we’ll enjoy them forever
Forever having peace
And our kingdom will keep increasing
With them creating at our side

It’s splendor will have no end
It’s joy no bound
Our family will be established
The kingdom will unite
All darkness will be banished forever
Out of our sight
It’s glory will go on an on and on
All that remains is love
Which growth will never stop

We will be with them forever
And they will be with us

The “end”….

…of this episode.

(this was a draft)

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