A fair story (19)

But if they choose to still reject us
Not accepting our sacrifice
We cannot let them stay forever
In the glorious parts of our kingdom

They would defile it
Bringing down those obedient men
That did accept our offering
Our very love for them

We cannot let others hurt them forever
We cannot let wickedness remain
Although our soul would long for them forever
Grieving over their lot
We would have to throw them out
In the darkness they themselves have chosen
By wanting to be apart from us

The kingdom cannot suffer forever
Under their rebellion
For a time we will allow it
So many can repent
And still can come to us
So that our great love for them can be seen

But for the sake of those that become ours
That have surrendered their hearts to us
We will have to do a cleansing
A purging
Removing every stain

Everything that’s opposed to love
Everyone that chooses to rebel
Who wants to sit on the throne themselves
Thereby bringing great darkness and devision
In what’s meant to be a place of peace
We simply cannot allow them
To destroy the glories of the kingdom

To be continued…

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