His story 3: God’s love versus ours

When we first came into existence through the loving creative heart of God, that was always searching to express his love more by making another creation, He called us the crown of all his work.
Think about that!
He called us his masterpiece.
We have more value to him than mountains and galaxies.
We are more precious than the greatest ocean.
We had no flaw.
No sickness or disability.
No depression existed.
Neither war or famine.
There was no problem or mistake.
We turned out perfectly the way He intended.
We fulfilled the desire of his heart to have children.
Not for what we could give him, but for the joy it gave him to express his love.

God’s love is so different than ours though.
Without realising it we often have hidden agenda’s, expecting something in return when we give to others.
Perhaps nothing more than a “thank you”, yet the fact that we get grumpy and upset when our love is not returned or appreciated shows that we are more selfish in nature than we realise.
If our love and care for others was truly selfless and all about the other then we would not be offended if our kindness was not returned.
It shows that even our giving is part of getting our own needs and desires met.
But God is not like that at all.
Although we give him great joy, we never have to fulfill any of his needs.
All his needs are met in himself.
He does not need anything from anyone, especially not his own creation!
That should give us some peace right?

To be continued…

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