His story 4: We are not God

Now of course we are not God and we do have needs that only can be met from outside ourselves.
Yet if we expect other human beings to fulfill them we are in a sense making them our god.
And because we are part of the same creation as they are we basicly make ourselves god.
Trying to give others value in the same way we expect them to value us.
A value that only God can give.
Who are we to think we can determine anyone’s worth?
Did we create each other?
Do we see every single aspect of a person?
Both flaws and successes.
We might see some of both, but do we get the whole picture?
Do we see the hidden beauty that lies in every single human?
Christian or not.
Respected by society or a complete outcast.
Viewed as nothing more than garbage.
Who are we to either do away with people or to put them on a footstool?
Like some kind of gods.
Is that not God’s job?
Does a creator not determine whether his creations have been a success or a total failure?
So why then do we tempt to take that place all the time in people’s lives?
Looking down on others, judging their every move and every word they say?
Condemning them without hesitation like we are their judge.
The one they need to give an account to for their lives.
Again, is that not the job of God?
The Ruler of the universe who one day will hold all people accountable?
By no means I say this to scare you.
Rather I hope you reconsider your current attitude towards other people and perhaps even yourself.
We are not our own judge either.
We certainly are responsible for many of our actions, yet we often do not even know our own motivations and the cause of our behavior.
God really is the judge of that.
Why not leave him to do his own job instead of trying to take his place?
To take responsibility for our mistakes without putting ourselves down.
Without tying our sense of worth to it.
Did you know that it is actually arrogant pride to do that?
To base our value on what we do…

To be continued…

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