His story 5: Free gift

Life is a gift, we cannot earn it.
You probably disagree, after all is not our whole society based on merits?
Unfortunately it is.
However everything we do comes from the potential that was given us at birth.
It was all a gift.
It is true that we have to work to develop these gifts, but even the ability to do that was given.
So why do we keep priding ourselves on our achievements?
I am not talking about a healthy sense of satisfaction when we accomplish certain things.
But we should realise the source of our ability for these accomplishments.
It will give us the right kind of humility.
Not one that puts oneself down because that is arrogance as well.
That would be like saying to our Maker what a terrible job He did!
If we do not acknowledge God as the one that made us and do not give him the credit and honor that is due to him we basicly pronounce ourselves to be god.
And we reap the harmful consequenses of such behavior.
If we take a job for which we are not qualified, we will have a hard time fulfilling all that is required of us.
The same goes when we take the job of God.
If we take credit for what He did, for the abilities He gave us then we will have a hard time fulfilling our own expectations and that of others to generate things in our own strength.
It will weary us out sooner or later!
It takes away our peace.
The peace of not having to be our own sustainer.
The peace that comes from relying on a God that made us and loves us and always will uphold us.
If only we are willing to lean on him.
And that takes humility.
The humility to acknowledge that we are not God…

To be continued…

Free Gift