His story 8: Other gods

By looking to others for a sense of worth and satisfaction that only God can give we are pronouncing ourselves to be on the throne of our lives since we are part of the same creation as they are.
But also we make a god out of everything that we give the place that God should have in our lives.
We ignore that He is the source of our existence and therefore our first provider.
He might choose to use others to fulfill certain needs, like the needs of children for nurture. Yet even so He is the one that provides for them.
What I am mainly referring to here though is the needs that are beyond what people can give us.
I am talking about the need of our heart to be unconditionally loved and taken care of.
To be known and understood beyond the ability of people, even our own parents or partners that deeply love us.
To be cherished with a love so strong it is willing to sacrifice one’s own life.
A love that does not get grumpy when it is not returned but rather increases its intensity.
Many parents have strong tendencies to sacrifice for their children.
Yet our love can never take the place that was only meant to be filled by our Creator.
And because we have needs to be met ourselves our loving, even that of the most devoted parents, is always flawed and mixed with selfish desires if we do not  meet with our Maker daily so He can fulfill our own deepest need for affection first.
Then out of the overflow of that love we are able to love others well and we can be pure and selfless in our giving.
It is actually very destructive not to give God the place He was meant to have in our lives.
We will always look to find the fulfillment only He can give in the wrong places.
We end up feeling hurt all the time because we expect from others a fulfillment and sense of worth they can never give.
In return we hurt them back out of disappointment, often even unintended.
We also develop unhealthy habits that turn into addictions.
Trying to soothen the pain in our soul from an unfulfilled heart.
Aching and longing for something more.
A fulfillment that only God can give.

To be continued…

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