His story 7: Resisting God

God never withholds his love from us, no matter how we live or what we believe.
But are WE withholding HIM?
The bible says God opposes the proud.
This does not mean He does not love us, but our pride puts up a wall between him and us.
If we try to earn love and acceptance, whether from God or from other people, we give honor to ourselves for what was given to us freely.
A worth that no behavior can alter. Either positive or negative.
But we also block our heart from receiving the depth of his love for us which is not based on merit but freely given.
You where made from love, the love of God.
You do not have anything to give him back for that, except what he gave you first.
Yet He delights in it when we give him gifts.
Like a child buying a gift for their parents from the money they gave them.
There really is only one appropriate gift as a response to his love for us.
It is the total surrender of our lives to him.
Complete submission.
Like it gives parents joy when their children obey and do not put up a fight all the time.
And that gives God so much joy, if we return his love for us in this way.
You can be assured He will not abuse your submission.
All his instructions are for your own good.
He is one hundred percent intent on making you prosperous.
Not according to this world’s standards but to his.
To make you prosper in health and relationships.
To provide for all your you needs in any area of your life, whether material, physical, emotional or spiritual.
He does not want you to have any lack.
But you do have to trust him, even when provision does not always seem to be right around the corner.
You have to trust that He is in control and be willing to surrender your whole life to him.
It is when we release our needs into his hands that He starts to take care of them.
We can bring him our petitions all the time.
Yet what He delights in most is to have fellowship with us.
If we come to spend time with him, not only sharing our heart’s concerns but also listening for his reply.
Listening for his whisper throughout our day.
Whispers that give us insight and solutions, but most important whispers that declare his love for us.
It is when we silence all the noise of the world around us and give him first priority that we start to experience his presence.
In my experience provision often came after I spend time with him, without even asking for something.
And that is really his desire and the purpose of our life.
That we enjoy God.

To be continued…

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