His story 9: The root of our problems

The problem is not that God is distant.
Actually He is closer than we often realise.
Whether you believed in him your whole life or never gave him a thought, He is still right there present in your life.
Ready to turn things for good and fill your longing heart as soon as you turn to him.
Relationship with God is not much different than with people.
After all we were made in his likeness.
God himself consists of three Persons the bible teaches us.
Yet He is one God.
The Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.
Maybe a cube with sides that look different is the closest comparison we can make with that.
Like they are in relationship with each other and do not do anything alone, so we were not made to live life apart from God.
Perhaps another comparison that can be made is how we ourselves consist of three parts: a body, a soul and a spirit.
Our body is mainly just the “house” we live in.
Our soul consists of our thoughts, feelings and our will that makes decisions.
Our spirit is the core of who we are, it is our nature.
Jesus could be compared with our body.
He is the image of what God looks like.
If we want to know God we have to look at Jesus, we cannot bypass him.
Our soul could be compared to the Father.
He is the one that makes the decisions and is in control.
Our spirit could be compared to the Holy Spirit.
He is God’s core, his nature, his character.
He is all good and holy and righteous.
Now the comparison only goes so far because our body, soul and spirit are not three persons like God is. Although these three aspects of our existence are of course related to each other and have a connection. But we really are a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body.

Our spirit was from the beginning meant to be united to God’s Spirit.
The Holy Spirit.
That is why we are not able to live righteous, without sin, if we are not connected to him.
He is our holiness, after all He is called the Holy Spirit.
Without him we become selfish and fight with each other and do all kinds of harm, both to ourselves and to other people.
And inevitably we put ourselves on the throne of our lives.
After all if God does not have that place then someone else has to take it.
Since the fall of humanity when we first rebelled against God we have put ourselves in his place.
The result was chaos and great destruction.
Therefore I believe that restoration comes into our lives and to the earth when we start to give God his rightful place again.
Of course He is still God when we do not acknowledge him as such.
Yet He chooses to a degree not to reign and bring his order if we do not give him permission by not honoring him as King.
Because at creation He gave the earth to people. To all of us.
This shows how much He is all about relationship with us and has no interest in puppets. He does not need a tool to play with.
He made us out of love, not out of need.
But of course we need him to be King over us and bring order to our lives.
After all He is our source and without being connected to that source we wither and perish.
Yet He left the choice to us whether to submit to him or not, since love and relationship are all about free will and trust.
So He gave us a chance to trust him.
Or not.

To be continued…

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