His story 10: Our Source

Interaction is a two way stream.
You cannot expect God to solve all your life’s problems and needs without being in relationship with him.
That is like drinking from a can of water that was given you realising one day it is empty.
And you wonder why.
Yet there is a source where this water came from and it is accessible for you.
But if you do not drink from it you will be left thirsty.
God is not far away but He wants you to come to him.
Otherwise it would not be a free choice.
However He will not hide from you without giving any clues where to search.
Like a parent playing hide and seek with their child.
Sticking out a toe on purpose and making some noises so the child does not panick because it cannot find them.
The whole creation, the earth and the whole universe, is basicly God’s “toe” sticking out.
Telling us He is right there!
There may be many theories about life coming into existence, yet you cannot get around the fact that life can only come from life.
So our source has to be eternal.
If you ask where eternity comes from, you are beating around the bush.
You are not thinking straight.
If the eternal God came from somewhere or something else He would not be God.
If we say God cannot exist because we do not know where He came from, we are making God like us.
It is exactly because He is eternal that we cannot know his source.
Because He has none.
He is his own source.
Or He would not be God.

I believe our problem with God is not so much that we cannot understand how there can be a God, but that we are not willing to accept there is Someone above us. And I believe that is what leads to the confusion in our mind about how God can exist.
We draw him down to our level because we do not want him to be above us.
And if God is like us, subject to time and dependent on outside sources for life, then it makes sense you can not come to the understanding that God exists.
Because we ourselves come from somewhere else.
So then in our thinking God has to come from somewhere else too.

If you have read the story (“A fair story”) you will see the similarities between Lightbearer’s behavior and ours.
His problem was not that God did not exist or was not accessible to him.
His problem was that he himself wanted to be God.
And because of that he started to be confused in his mind and have thoughts about God that were not true.
If was because he had replaced his priority to spend time with God with the things He had given him.
His eyes had lost the right focus.
And slowly he started to forget about how good God was.
When we lose sight of God we become full of ourselves because of all the great things God bestowed on us.
We lose sight of the fact that they came from God.
The first problem of humanity was not a sickness or disaster.
The first problem was that we started to mistrust God.
We stopped believing that He was good and had our best interest in mind.
Disobedience was the result of this and every problem we know of came from that.

To be continued…

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