His story 11: The importance of faith

Interesting is that many people have a form of believing in God.
Some believe He is good and kind too all.
Others see him as a hard taskmasker who is impossible to please unless we try really hard and go through all kinds of afflictions.
And there are many variations in between.
But what is the right view?
Even christians who believe in the God of the bible and his son Jesus Christ, often have a twisted view of what God is like.
Now I believe it takes a lifetime to get to know God. And even afterwards we grow in our knowledge of him.
It is an ungoing journey like all relationships are.
Yet I believe there is a basic truth about the nature of God, what He is like, that is important for us to know.
Because I believe our eternal destination depends on it.
But also our happiness throughout life and the way we view ourselves and others.
It basicly affects everything we do.
Our whole attitude and take on life.

So how do we know what is the right view?
To be honost I do not have an anwer to that question that might satisfy you.
I do believe we can know.
And I also believe the bible tells us the truth about God.
Yet many who read it do not believe.
And others do.
So what is the key here?
It is obviously not a matter of the mind.
I can describe my faith in such a way it makes total sense to me, yet you might still not agree and believe what I do.
So how can we believe and gain understanding of God that is truth?
Many propose there is no such thing as truth.
Yet if I ask you to do a simple math we all agree there is only one right answer.
It is just foolishness to say one and one together can be two or three or four etc.
In the same way God cannot be kind and caring and distant and malicious at the same time.
There is only one truth.
And I believe it is a matter of our hearts attitude whether we find it or not.
Common sense might help as well, yet even the most intelligent among us can believe foolish things.
Intelligence and wisdom are two seperate things.
They do not always go hand in hand.
A child is sometimes wiser in its behavior than a grown up scholar.

What I propose is to be open minded and to put aside all familiar understanding and knowledge you might have, and ask yourself: “What if this is true? What would my response be?”
Then afterwards you can still choose to reject it all if you want to.
I will not respect or love you any less.
But you can never receive anything new if you are predetermined not to believe it.
People have seen evidence of things before their eyes, even miracles, and yet their mind reasoned them all away.
I hope you will not do that and give yourself a chance of finding truth that is real and lifegiving.
It is not about me being right.
I am good with believing something that others do not.
But for your sake I hope you open up your heart and sincerely ask yourself the question if what I write could be true.
No one needs to even know you are pondering this.
Just let it be a searching of your own heart.

To be continued…

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