His story 23: Salvation

Are you willing to admit that you rebelled against God?
That you committed high treason to the King of the universe by not even acknowledging his existence.
By putting yourself above him. Above his reign.
By making demands like He owes you the world.
By putting yourself above others and judging them like you are their god?
By taking God’s place. By taking his job.
Are you willing to acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of grace?
In need of a heart transplant.
Only then He can give it to you.
Like a gift cannot be received if it is not accepted, if we do not hold out our hands to take it, so we need faith to receive this gift of God.
We need to believe him.
It is not automatically put into your account.
You need to tell him you want it.
He is not going to throw a gift to you if you have no intention on using it.
You need to say YES to him.

But there is more to it.
It is not that God is hesitant to bless and forgive us.
But He is righteous.
And because of that He cannot just ignore our rebellion, even if we are willing to change and to receive his new heart.
A price has to be paid to settle our debt to him.
Our guilt because of our rebellion.
We owe him our lives for that.
We really deserve the death penalty through our high treason against the King.
After all we put ourselves in his place.
We basicly pronounced ourselves to be God by not acknowledging him.
If we use our mind properly we will come to the understanding that it would not be wise if God just wiped our slate clean without paying attention to what would be a rightful consequence for our rebellion.
We would never learn justice.
What is wrong and what is right.
So before our heart can be transformed something else needs to take place.
And thankfully it already has.
Thankfully God always provides for what we need.
Even if the cause is our own rebellion.

To be continued…

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