His story 24: A rightful penalty

There is only one way God is willing to forgive us.
To wipe our slates clean and to give us a new heart.
He is only willing to do that if we are willing to accept the penalty He provided for our rebellion against him.
Read that again!
I did not say if we pay the rightful punishment for our sin.
No, rather He paid for it himself!
Like a judge that pronounces a sentence because it is the right thing to do.
Because justice needs to been done to protect the morality of society.
Then the judge does the unthinkable.
After He puts down the gavel, He steps down from his seat.
He takes of his robe.
He stretches out his hands and lets the guards take him captive.
He goes to prison and undergoes the death penalty he just pronounced on the criminal.
The criminal walks out of the courtroom freely.
No one is restraining him.
And no one is pursuing him.
He is free to go wherever he wants to.
But does he leave that judge that gave his life for his?
No, by all means.
He sticks to the judge’s family.
Serving them forever in any way he can.

That is close to what God did for us.
I say close because Jesus Christ, the Son of God who himself is God as well, the One who died in our place, did not stay dead.
Thankfully He rose from the grave and now He lives forever!
He ascended to heaven again, where He came from, and now still lives there to intercede for us to his Father.
You can read the whole story in the bible in the the New Testament in the gospel  of John and also in Matthew, Mark and Luke.

To be continued…

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