His story 22: Receiving God’s love

So we need to love more to experience life in its fulness.
And because God is not going to let his kingdom, his family, be anything less than the way He designed it to be, some changes need to be made.
Rebels that do not conform to his standard of love will be cast out, unless…
Unless they change!
Now we cannot change ourselves.
So do not panic!
We can make the decision to love others but if we do not receive the love of God first we might find it hard if not impossible to love them.

I still remember the day when God changed my heart.
I was a believer all along and I did not hate people or anything.
Yet I did not always feel something for them.
Now love is not about feeling but about a choice we make on how to treath others.
But our love needs to be connected to the Source of love or it will run out eventually.
One day God showed me an image in my mind where I saw him putting my small heart in his big one.
I did not have goose bumps. I did not feel anything at all at that moment.
But from then on I felt so much love for the people around me.
Even people I did not know!
And over the years I may have been in and out of love at times, but when I connect to my Source, the love I feel for people is just exploding!
It is not my ability to love others.
It is His in me.

We all need a heart transplant!
And thankfully God provides one for every single person on this earth.
Whether criminals or “civil” people.
We all need it and we can all receive it if we want to.
Like being sick is the requirement for getting medical attention, so our lack of love is the requirment for God’s heart transplant that He wants to give us.
No amount of bad behavior can disqualify you. Rather it makes you the perfect candidate.
But do you want it?

You will have to give up your pride.
Your pride that says you do not need God.
Keep in mind that when you say that you are making yourself god.
But you cannot sustain your own life can you?
Even without food we are nothing.
Our lives are sustained from outside us.
God is our Source whether we believe in him or not.
He keeps your heart beating. Even if it is a rebellious one.
But one day you will die.
And only He determines whether you will spend eternity in heaven or in a place that is much worse than the hell you experienced on this earth.
It is your pride that is offended with all the pain in this world and blames God for it.
It is your pride that feels entitled on having everything to work for you.
That says you did not deserve the suffering you went through.
I am by no means saying that our suffering is punishment from God.
This may offend many, but in truth, what do we deserve?
What does God owe us?
Who are we that He needs to give us an account for his actions?
For the things that happen on this earth?
Will an artwork question its maker about the why of certain brush strokes?
I believe that suffering is actually the result of our initial turning away from God.
That does not mean He initiates the evil that befalls us.
But we put ourselves outside his protection if we do not submit to him.
So again, do you want him?
Do you want him to give you a new heart?
Not only one that is capable of living in God’s ways of love, but also one that is made whole, mended from all the brokenness you went through in life.
He wants to give it to every single person.
But are you willing to receive it?

To be continued…

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