His story 25: God with us

The event that we use to divide history is the birth of God incarnate!
Did you ever think about why we date our time with before Christ and after Christ?
B.C and A.D.
The turning point is the birth of Jesus Christ.
The One that would take the sin of the whole world upon himself so we could go out free.
If we would accept it.

And indeed it was a turning point.
The turning from death to life.
Spiritually we are death through our rebellion against God.
It separates us from him which is spiritual death.
But God loves us so much that He wants us to be united with him again.
And so He offered us new life.
A way to rise from the death life we are living.
A life void from his presence. The only “thing” that gives us life!
And so He fittingly came to us in the form of a baby.
A new life.
God incarnate!

His Spirit made a virgin pregnant, in the land Israel, and she delivered Jesus, the Son of God, into this world.
He lived life just like all of us.
He had to grow and learn things.
The only difference was that He never sinned.
And when He was grown and ready He taught us the ways of God and did many miracles.
He healed many people, showing us the love of God.
Then the unthinkable happened.
The religious leaders of his day became jealous of his fame.
They were blinded by their pride and did not see that He was God living among them.
Even though they had been expecting a savior, the Messiah, for a long time because God had prophesied his coming from the moment the first people rebelled.
It was written in the scrolls, which are now part of the bible.
Yet blinded through their desire for power they did not understand that they did not need to be saved from human oppressors in the first place, but from their sin.
Their own wicked heart needed to be transformed and the rightful penalty for their rebellion against God needed to be paid.
So they could be forgiven and free from the bondage that sin keeps us in.
Though Jesus did not hide to them who He was and gave them warnings until the end, they persevered in their haughtiness and handed him over to the Roman oppressors who ruled over the Jews at that time.
Making false accusations against him, saying He was a threat to their kingdom. But He had not come to overthrow a human reign.
They demanded He would be put to death.
Hung on a cross.
The most crual execution that ever existed.

But He was God incarnate.
He was fully able to escape from them.
He had no intentions to do so however.
Ahead of time He had announced to his disciples that He would be taken captive and killed.
He knew what would happen in advance.
The jewish people thought they now had him in their power.
It really shows how blinded they were.
He actually had escaped them before because it was not his time yet.
His time to be taken and to leave this world.
When it was the appointed time though He let himself be taken captive.
The religious leaders thinking He was in their hands now.
And in a sense He was.
Because He surrendered himself to them.
He did not resist.

When they came for him He boldly walked towards them asking who they were looking for.
Of course He knew very well, replying “I am”. Which is the name of God.
The whole army and all the people that had come to arrest him fell to the ground backwards when He spoke these words.
Hit by the power that went from them.
The power of the God most high becoming a humble human being and even surrendering himself into the hands of sinners.
Still not thinking straight, they just stood up back on their feet and captured him.
And Jesus went with them willingly.
Then He was taken to court, but He did not receive justice there.
They hit him, which was against the law, and made all kinds of allegations against him.
He did not reply a word.
He did not try to defend himself, even when given the chance.
“Are you the king of the Jews?” they asked.
“You said it” He answered.
They they did not realise his reign was from another world and He made no attempt to make them understand, though He told them plainly.
He knew their pride kept them from seeing the truth.
The truth of who He was.
God in the form of a human.

To be continued…

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