His story 28: Our worth

Included in the recompense that Jesus made for our sin was the harm we do to others.
Interesting is that many of the instructions God gives us to live by are about how we treath other people.
When we do others wrong it is called sin.
Sin against God.
He cares for us so much that He takes it personally if someone wrongs us.
And so when Jesus died He paid the full penalty for all the cruelty that people do to each other.
Every crime, all hate, every slander, gossip, neglection of children and really all evil you can imagine.
And by doing so his death does not only show us the worth of God but our own worth as well!
Jesus paid the full rightful penalty for every single wrong that was ever done to you or that will be done to you in the future.
Because you matter to God.
He sees you and you are important to him.
No one should do you any harm.
But the truth is that people do hurt each other and Jesus paid the full punishment for that.
This frees us to forgive others, which delivers us from the bitterness and sicknesses that are the result of an unforgiving heart.
It opens our heart to receive healing from all the wrong that is done to us.
Unforgiveness though can keep us from receiving the healing that God made available for us on the cross.

To be continued…

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