His story 29: Forgiveness and healing

Because of Jesus sacrifice for us, his death on the cross, God is now willing to forgive us and wipe our slates clean.
Because a restitution was made.
The rightful price for our sin was paid.
One of the results of this is that we can be healed.
Both physically and emotionally.
Sickness came into the world after the first people rebelled against God.
It gave satan access to their lives which he used to bring destruction.
We need to be careful of just blaming the devil for sickness and disaster because he only has access to our lives if we give it to him. Originally.
We may need to surrender something in our lives back to God in order to get healed and to close the door to the devil.
I believe that by giving ourselves to God without reservation we give him permission to invade our lives and heal us.
We also need to be careful not to see sickness as punishment from God for a specific sin.
I do believe that a certain sin can be the root of a certain sickness.
Like the bitterness of unforgiveness can make people very sick.
Yet that does not mean that the sickness is punishment.
But it is an inroad for that disease.

People may be sick for various reasons.
I am not saying that God cannot or will not make people sick but if He does his reasons may not always be clear to us.
It could very well be to prevent something or to prevent someone from doing the wrong thing. And even that would be an act of love. Whether to that person or to others that are affected by it.
But the good news is that when Jesus died for us He did not only bear our sin but also our sicknesses.
He bore the full consequences of our rebellion against God.
When we give our lives to God and accept Jesus death on our behalf healing is available for our body and soul.
The devil has no rightful claim on our lives anymore because a recompense for our sin was fully made.
It was the blood of Jesus, that left his body when He was tortured and hung on the cross.
Remember that I explained that God gave us new life.
The bible teaches us that life is in the blood.
So when Jesus died his blood, which is his life, was poured out on the earth for us.
He took part of our death and his life was made available to us.
Because Jesus died in our place we can be healed of any sickness or disability.
This does not mean that God only heals believers.
On the contrary He often heals unbelievers to show them his great love.
And sometimes, as believers, He takes us through a journey in our own heart before we get healed.
I believe that when we truly open ourselves up for the love of God and stop resisting it and putting up all kinds of objections of why He would not love us, we are open for his healing.
Because healing is an expression of God’s love.
If we accept God’s forgiveness we open ourselves for his healing as well.
In any case, healing was made available for us on the cross and it is connected to forgiveness.
Whether receiving it or giving it to others.

To be continued…

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