His story 27: God’s worth

I mentioned that justice needs to take place, a rightful penalty for rebellion against God, our sin, to protect the morality of society and to keep us all safe.
But I believe there is more to it.
When justice takes place the value of the victim is acknowledged.
When it is witheld on the other hand the worth of a person is not esteemed very high. It basicly says that person does not really matter.
That is why it is so important for the victims of crimes to get justice.
To see the offender punished in an appropriate way.
It does not only protect society and teaches the criminal what is right and wrong.
If justice is witheld the victim will feel unseen.
Like he or she is not important.

When Jesus died on that cross He showed us the worth of God.
We would never submit and cling to a God that would let himself be walked over.
We would not respect him at all and we would not feel safe to entrust our lives to him.
We want someone that is just to rule over us.
Even if that means that our own mistakes are not wiped away like they never happened.
The paradox is that in the end God does treath us like we never sinned.
But something took place before that happened.
It even looked like God did let himself be walked over when He let himself be taken captive, tortured and crucified.
Yet He did all that to show us the rightful consequence for our rebellion.
He showed us the tremendous value He has.
It is not that He started to feel insecure when people disobeyed him.
But we needed to be reminded of the worth of God.
The importance of him being above us.
So He can actually lead our lives in good order instead of letting chaos go rampant. Chaos that is the result of people not submitting to him and trying to do things their own way.
Only a God that consist of three persons, and yet is one being, can do all that at once!

To be continued…

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