His story 30: Salvation prayer

If you are ready to be united with your Maker you can pray this prayer:

Dear Jesus,

I am so sorry that I rebelled against you
That I put myself in your place
That I did not acknowledge you as Lord over my life

I repent from my rebellion
I accept you as my Lord and Savior
The one who died to take my place
So that I could be forgiven

Fill me with your Holy Spirit
So that I will be able to obey you
And with your help
I turn from my life of sin
And I completely give it to you

I give you access to every part of me
So you can change me
And make me the way you intended me to be
Show me your ways
And help me to hear your voice
So I will never turn from your side
Lead me in the plan you have for my life

By your ability I surrender my whole life to you
And live for you from now on




It is done
Paid for
Every part
To the last penny

Every sin
Every crime
Every pain
Every shame

Nothing left over
Not one single stain

You are now pure
You are forgiven
You are made whole
You are redeemed

The price for your life
Fully being paid
A sacrifice was required
It has been made

A life for a life
A tooth for a tooth
Blood for blood
It was the blood of God

To be continued…

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