His story 42: Petition

We have now discussed several ways of how we can communicate with God.
One of them is having a conversation with him.
Listening for his voice or looking into the spiritual realm with our spiritual eyes.
Through worship and speaking in tongues, or by just lingering in his presence drinking in his love.
There is no clear separation between these forms though and they can all flow together.
Basicly prayer means to interact with God. Or at least I believe that is God’s definition of prayer.
It was certainly never meant to be a boring monologue without engagement of the receiving side. Rather it is how we have relationship with God.
Another form of doing this is by asking him for the things that we need.

As believers in Jesus Christ we have access to God’s throne.
This throne is a throne of grace, not judgement.
We can receive anything we need from the One on that throne.
(There is also a throne of judgement, but it is only for unbelievers.)
Did you ever feel the heavens were closed when you prayed?
Like you were on the phone with someone that did not talk back, or even was not there?
I once heard someone (prophet Bobby Conner) say God told him that prayer is an audience with the King!
I often experienced that the prayers I prayed from an awareness of God’s presence were all answered.
Prayers that were filled with faith that God would actually answer them.
This does not necessarily mean I feel his presence when I pray, but simply that I am convinced that He is there and that I am connecting with him at that moment.
I belief that when we pray from his presence instead of adressing him like we are making a long distance call or even like we are talking to his voicemail, we cannot pray wrong selfish prayers.
Because when we open ourselves up to him He can actually lead us into the things we really need to pray for. And we will sense it if something is not in his will. You might be surprised though by the kind of prayers God is willing to answer!  You really can bring all your needs and desires before him. Even things that may not be really a need. He loves to bless us so much!
When I was not so convinced I was connecting with God and I did not really believe I was in his presence at that moment none of my prayers were answered.
I am not even sure those were prayers. Maybe it was just an activation of my mind. Without my spirit being involved.
But God connects to us from spirit to spirit.
We are spiritual beings that live in a body and have a soul. Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions.
Our spirit is the core of who we are and therefore we need to communicate from our spirit with God who is spirit as well.
You can have a conversation with someone that does not give you their full attention and it does not make you feel you are connecting with them. Because you really are not.
When we pray we have to believe that God is there. But we also have to be fully present ourselves.
In the spiritual realm we are approaching his throne and making a request to the King of the universe!
Prayer is not citing what someone else has written.
Of course you can use a written prayer, but you need to engage with it and let it come from your heart and not just your mind or even your emotions.
Prayers that come purely from our emotions are soulish prayers.
Yet an effective prayer, the one that God responds to, comes from a heart to heart connection with God. It comes from our spirit.
We are allowed to have emotions of course but we should never let our feelings dominate us or even putting them above the will of God.
We can be overtaken by pain and grief or needs. Yet we always need to give God the final word and not our emotions.
We may not always understand his ways and why He allows certain things.
Therefore we need to connect with him when we pray and let him lead us.
As believers we have access to the place from were He rules and reigns and He does not withold anything from his beloved children.
This does not mean that we always get what we want but that He never witholds his love and goodness from us.
He is always acting for our good. Even if we do not understand it.

To be continued…

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