His story 41: Gazing


I am a mirror
That is how I was created to be
To reflect the Person
In front of me

So I gaze into His eyes
Behold his hands
His feet
And become just like Him

We do not always have to ask for things when we approach God.
We are allowed to just be with him like we just did.
However we do not need to stay “blind” when we approach him.
I am not talking about physical sight now but spiritual.
Although we live by faith and not by sight, our faith can actually give us sight.
We are spiritual beings and apart from physical senses we have spiritual senses with which we can discern things in the spiritual realm.
You may remember the first chapter where I wrote about the importance of seeing in the spiritual realm.
It often takes an intentional effort though to do this and to perceive what is in front of us in the spirit.
The bible teaches us that God is always with us, so why not opening our spiritual senses so we experience him. We are invited to do so!
As believers we often know in some part of us that God loves us but we do not always experience it.
We need to constantly let his love permeate every core of our being.
Having a relationship with God is not just reading books about him or listening to stories or songs about who He is.
I do believe we can encounter him in these things, yet it is through interaction that we develop a relationship with God and get to know him better.
It would be ridiculous if God asked us to be in relationship with him and would not allow us to spend time with him.
That would be like getting married and living in two different houses and never saying a word to each other.
Yet that is not the kind of arrangement God had in mind to have with us when He came to the earth to give his life for us.
Through Jesus blood that was shed in our place, for our sin, we have full and constant access to God!
However we have to learn how this works in practicality.
It really starts by believing that we have access.
The bible says we are now citizens of heaven.
It is not the thought that one day I go to heaven, after I die, that gives me joy.
Rather it is the fact that right now I have access to God and the spiritual realm where He abides that gives me joy.
I am a spiritual being, by which I mean that I am a spirit in my core.
Because of that I can experience the spiritual realm.
I do believe that in order not to get deceived and not to give the evil powers that live in the spiritual realm as well access to my live I need to fully surrender myself to God.
We all are spiritual beings and we all experience the spiritual realm to a degree, because it is interwoven with the natural world that we are seeing.
The bible teaches us that what we see with our physical eyes comes from things that cannot be seen with our natural eyes.
So we all have part of the supernatural whether we believe in it or not.
It effects us all.
Yet if we want to gain understanding about things in the natural we need to activate our spiritual senses.
So part of the reason we want to engage more intently with the spiritual realm is to get understanding of things that happen on earth.
However I would like to propose that the main reason for engaging with the spiritual realm more consciously is to have fellowship with God.
It is what He died for, so we could have that experience with him.
It is certainly not reserved for prophets and other christian ministers.
Nor for witchdoctors and mediums.
They only have part of the dark side of the spiritual world which is not what you want to give access to your life.
It will bring great darkness and destruction to you.
Do not get involved in it!

Before you start to practice this I strongly recommend you submit your life to Jesus Christ.
You can pray the prayer I added in chapter 30.
However also as believers it is important we do not have doors open to evil spirits.
These can have been opened through occult practises in the past like visiting foretunetellers or simply through other forms of rebellion against God.
Areas where you did not obey him, or areas that you held back from him.
So make sure your heart is pure and you repent from any known sin and surrender your whole being to God.
Surrender your complete mind and thoughs to him as well because our minds are the screens on which God projects things from the spiritual realm so we can see them.
This is not very different from the way we perceive things with our physical eyes. It is the brain that makes us see images.
So it is an engagement of our minds that makes us see things, whether in the natural or in the spiritual realm.
Of course we do have to look in order to see something. We have to focus our attention towards the place were we want to see. This works the same for both our natural and spiritual sight.
Now we cannot earn the ability to see by becoming right with God through our behaviour.
Only the blood of Jesus that was shed for us makes us in rightstanding with God.
So we do not do surrender ourselves in order to earn access to God.
Yet as believers we determine through either our obedience or our disobedience to God whether we receive things from him or from the darkness.
It is about what we give access to our lives. Either God’s realm or the demonic.
It only takes the blood of Jesus and repentance to get right with God again and to open yourself for encounters in his presence in the spiritual realm.
It does not take any effort on your account apart from the effort it takes to turn your attention towards something. That is all.
Seeing in the spiritual realm is as much a gift as it is to see with our natural eyes. No one earns sight!
It is a given that a healthy person can see.
So are you ready for a trip to heaven?!
Actually a trip is not altogether an accurate description because it suggests you have to go somewhere while actually we already are in heaven with our spirit.
When we became believers we entered the kingdom of God which is a spiritual place. It is the light side of heaven where God dwells. Yet is it interwoven with the natural world since we still live in a body on this earth. So we really carry heaven within us as believers.
But we need to activate our spiritual senses so we can experience it more.
You do not have to be in a trance or see things the way you see with your natural eyes in order to see in the spiritual realm.
Often I just get impressions of what God wants to show me and then my mind forms an image of what that looks like.
It can actually be very vague, but my mind knows what is there.
Your imagination is like a screen on which God projects things for us.
Just imagine what your kitchen looks like right now. (unless you are in your kitchen, then pick another place to imagine)
You can perfectly envision every detail right? It really is that easy.
Only now you turn your attention towards seeing in the spiritual realm.
Do not overthink it, just believe that you have that ability.

As you start you might want to close your eyes so you do not get distracted, but you can see with your eyes open as well.
First put your heart in the right place like I mentioned above and get rid of any known sin.
Ask God to reveal what you need to repent of. You do not have to spit through you whole life, anxiously that you might miss something. Just be sincere in your heart and God wil reveal it to you if there is something He wants you to get rid of at that moment.
Simply repent of it and accept his forgiveness. The blood of Jesus fully paid for all of your sin.
Do not try to add to the blood of Jesus by trying to earn anything from God. This is not possible.
You cannot pay him back for his mercy.
Every part of our lives is a gift from God.
The only thing we can give him in return is our full surrender and trust. Not any works. He just wants our hearts.
Then surrender your mind to him fully so He can imprint an image on it.
Repent also if you allowed wrong things to occupy your mind and receive his cleansing through Jesus blood.
Give your whole thinking and imagination to him.
Now ask God what He wants to show you and believe that He will show you something because He will. This is part of our relationship with God.
He saved you and drew you to himself for this purpose. So you could access him.
Believe that what comes into your mind now comes from God and thank him for it.
If it is only a vague thought or impression you can linger and focus on getting details. Do not get stressed over it though.
Clarity to see may grow over time as you practise it more often.
The main thing is that you focus your attention and belief. Do not get cramped over this, the same way as you do not get cramped over seeing something with your natural eyes.
It is just a matter of turning your gaze, using your faith and allowing God to imprint an image on your imagination so you can see in the spirit.
Keep in mind that when you imagine something that does not mean you made it up. God can impel you to imagine a certain thing.
When we use our imagination we allow God to flow through it and reveal things to us. So you do not have to wait until a picture crystal clear invades your mind all of a sudden out of nowhere. Just allow yourself to imagine after you asked God to reveal something to you.
When something then comes into your mind you can linger with that image for as long as you want. God may want to show you more, and you can engage with him and ask him questions or tell him something. Search for his leading in this.
You can go on a whole journey with him in heaven. Seeing in the spirit is not something static. It is really engagement with God.

If you have difficulty in believing He will show you something or in focusing your attention it can help to read about other people’s encounters in the spiritual realm. You can acually “borrow” their vision and step into it by putting it in your own imagination and letting God speak to you through it.
You can also use the visions that are in the bible for this.
Something I like to do is to imagine Jesus to be right in front of me looking at me, and to ask myself what He looks like, specifically what the look in his eyes is when He looks at me.
One of the impressions I get when I do this is that He looks at me with desire.
He has fire in his eyes which is his passionate love for me. Also I sense He is very tender towards me.
When I do this for a while I actually receive his love for me.
God loves us all the time but we do not always open ourselves up to it so we can receive it.
When I look into the eyes of God the Father I sense a lot of joy in his eyes.
That He greatly delights in me.
Remember that we have always access to approach God, so you can see him any time you want. There is no waiting line.
God is not subjected to time and space so He can meet every single person in the whole earth all at once in a personal way that is different for every one.
He knows exactly what you need and wants to give it to you.
But more than that He wants you to know his love, and it is out of relationship with him that He wants to provide for your every need.
All it takes is for us to give him our time and attention.
To turn away from the business of this world so we can meet the One we were made for.
To know him. To be loved by him. And to love him back.


Patricia King has very good teaching on using our spiritual senses I can really recommend. She wrote a book called “Developing Your Five Spiritual Senses: SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE & FEEL the invisible world around you”.
Also she wrote a book called “Accessing the Riches of Heaven: Keys to Experiencing God’s Lavish Provision” which is more specific about what I wrote in this chapter.
I consider her as a mentor to me in this area. She first made me aware I could access heavenly places and the very presence of God.
She also has teaching on this called “The glory school” which you can attend  live if she is giving it or on video or audio.
You can find this in the store on her website patriciakingministries.com.

To be continued…

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